Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fable of a King Forgotten

Now I can peacefully die
And in my grave comfortably lie
‘Cause in this world I did my part
With all my might and all my heart
I helped the poor and the needy
Fought the tyrants and the greedy
I learned a lot and taught a lot
Every battle I bravely fought
No power could oppose my sword
No speech could overpower/subdue my word
I brought peace and justice
And everywhere prevailed prosperity and happiness
What more could one nation ask?
I faced and accomplished every task
But the Angel of Death rebuked me
Because I had neglected my family
Oh no! How could that be?
Alas! I cannot die peacefully
Angel of Death please grant me one more day
I’ll be indebted of you may
I know I am being selfish
But before death it is my last wish
I want to kiss and hug them
And to express that I love them
Won’t you grant the wish of a dying man?
Will you let all my deeds and hard work go in vain?
The Angel said: I can’t give you one more day!
‘Cause in this matter I don’t have any say
It is God’s will and wish
That your name perish
From the heart of your family
It is God’s plan!
So, let it be!