Saturday, October 26, 2013

Happy Endings?

Is there such a thing as a Happy Ending?

We are brought up watching Disney movies where it all ends Happily Ever After. When we are young, we dream big, aim high and plan far. We think of a point in the future where everything will be perfect. The truth is different. There is no such thing as a Happy Ending. The whole concept is a bag full of bull shit. We are brought up on a lie. Our childhood is full of lies. I might sound like a pessimist and this thought might be depressing but look back in your life. Look how far you have come and what difference did it make? 18-20 years of your life passed by in a flash; a few more decades will pass by quickly too. Then you will grow old and die. You are born, you struggle, study, go to college, get a job, get married, raise kids and then die. For some, this process may even end abruptly, and when it does, the lives of those around that person is affected in such a negatively heavy way that they soon realize it too that THERE IS NO HAPPY ENDING.

The sooner you realize this truth, the better it is for you. Because once you realize this, you will stop chasing the clouds trying to catch them. You will stop wasting your energy on a vain activity. But then this raises another question. If there is no Happy Ending, then what should we do with our lives? What should we chase after?

The answer is pretty simple. Live for others. It does not matter what kind of a Happy Ending you will have. What matters is how have you made a Happy Ending for someone else.

Monday, March 18, 2013

That Fragile Glass Cup...

A glass. A cup of thin glass. A fragile cup of thin glass. Fill it with boiling oil. How much will it take? Will it hold it? Or will it shatter into a thousand pieces? If it will hold then for how long will it hold? How long before it shatters? How much can this fragile glass cup take? It is just a matter of time before the heat from the oil becomes unbearable and shakes the glass down to its molecular level. And when it breaks, the small pieces will become dozens of small knives. Small knives so sharp that it will slice through skin and bone alike. But if the glass were alive and had a soul, will it be able to stop itself from breaking? Can it try to stay so strong that the heat doesn't affect it? The unbearable heat from the oil. Don't fill it further. It is enough. It is not strong enough. It cannot take it anymore. Show some mercy. It is a glass meant to hold only water. A gentle glass meant to sparkle under the light of the mighty chandeliers on a silk runner of an oak table. The glass is not meant to take the atrocities of the boiling oil. Not anymore. It cannot hold it in any longer. You filled it to the brim without mercy and keep filling it fresh hot oil.

Friday, March 8, 2013


You may have heard the word "Tolerance" a lot these days. Yet you fail to realize how crucial it is for the betterment of humanity as a whole. You use this word in the wrong sense. You tolerate the genocide of innocent people but you do not tolerate the beliefs of those people. You tolerate the silence and inefficiency of the authorities (like the government) but you fail to tolerate the protests and vigils of those affected. This reminds of the pre-Islamic Arabia when tolerance was used in the same way as today. Young girls were buried alive, tribes and clans brutality killed each other, power struggle was always bloody, etc. Don't you see the same today? My belief is better than yours or I am right and you are wrong or you deserve to die or it is my duty to clean this religion or you did not help us so how can we help you or this happens to everyone so get over it or you are not the only one or I rather not get involved in this. SO MANY COMMENTS, OPINIONS, SUGGESTIONS, EXCUSES! All bull-shit (do not mind my french, tolerate this now).

You fail to realize that how will the whole society become tolerant if you yourself are not tolerant at heart? How will. every accept other no matter what the differences if you yourself think you are superior than other? Did God personally come down and whisper in your ear that you are better than others? Did he personally tell you that you are superior? NO. Then why do you think your beliefs are better than others or your skin color is superior to others? God wants you to be humble and mind your own fucking business (tolerate my french once again). You have no authority to decide the fate of other people. You have no right to decide who lives and who dies. You have no right to take on the responsibility of racial, ethnic or sectarian cleansing. WHO ARE YOU? God's chosen people? AGAIN BULL-SHIT! Putting your head down on the ground five times a day and then going out calling other people non-believers does not make you a good person in the sight of God. It only makes you an idiot. You make a fool of yourself and your religion with your idiotic actions and words.

Did your Prophet (PBUH) teach you to kill anyone who disagrees with you? NO. Did your Prophet (PBUH) order you to stay silent when innocent people are killed? NO. Did your Prophet (PBUH) teach you to be intolerant? NO. NO. NO. He lived in Madinah with people from all kinds of backgrounds. His friends were from different ethnicity. His people were given protection by a Christian. So many examples where one system of beliefs helped another system of beliefs even though they disagreed. SHAME ON YOU ALL!

Our textbooks in elementary, middle and high school teaches kids about the wars of 1965 and 1971. They teach us about Jihad. They mention the basic beliefs of Islam. BUT SELDOM DO THEY TALK ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF TOLERANCE AND DIVERSITY. The textbooks should focus more on stories where tolerance is the main theme than stories where one human being kills another human being. Besides that, teach your own kids that calling another human being a non-Muslim and then shunning him or her is not an authority given to them by God. Punish your kids if they do not follow the code of tolerance. You can punish them for not doing their homework or not listening to you but you cannot punish them when they think ill of a different sect or religion or ethnicity? Shame on you. You are no one to judge the fate of another human being. You are no one to publicly criticize the beliefs of another sect. Have peaceful dialogues and discussions among yourselves but do not focus on the difference but on the similarities. Pay attention towards learning more about each other than trying to prove the other person wrong. A debate that has not been resolved for past 1400 years will not be resolved even now so why even bother looking for a resolution? Share knowledge but do not ENFORCE your beliefs.

Be tolerant of other people's emotions, beliefs and faith. DO NOT TOLERATE MURDER AND GENOCIDE OR ANY CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. Killing of anyone without a proper trial where his or her crime is proven is never justified.

And teach others about tolerance.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Dear Humans of the World,

Sacrifice is an interesting concept. It is astonishing to see how mothers would sacrifice for their children or how lovers would sacrifice for each other. I believe that all our sacrifices should be for humanity. We should learn to be less selfish and more focused towards advancing humanity as a whole towards betterment. If you sacrifice your desires to steal, then your are not snatching the rights of someone else. If you sacrifice the urge to waste money on sex, drugs and alcohol, then these elements that degenerate a society will slowly diminish resulting in a healthier society. If you sacrifice your habit of playing with the emotions of someone else, then you will not make anyone depressed or ruin someone's life. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a lot of things for the betterment of humanity. My father sacrificed his life for the security of his people. My family sacrificed their dreams and hopes for the betterment of those same people. Imam Hussain AS sacrificed himself to protect the religion. Soldiers sacrifice everything every day for the safety of their country.

Dear people, learn to sacrifice and take humanity to a higher level of discipline and happiness.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Freedom of Choice?

Every human is free. Every human being has a freedom of choice. They have the right to make their own decisions concerning themselves. But with this freedom comes a great responsibility. Your decisions never affect you only as every human life is connected to another and the spider web of humanity is established. What you do may influence your society or some child a continent away. Therefore, think before you act. Ponder before you make your decisions or choose your words to express something. You may be an advocate of individualism, or you may talk a lot about "freedom of choice" but remember, nature has given you reason as well. Nature has given you the ability to ponder. More than anything, nature has given you will power. Freedom, reasoning and will power were given to you for a certain reason. Combine them all together when you live your life. Do not just live your life on the idea of freedom alone nor just live a life based on your logical reasoning. Combine all these together. You may say I am free to do or say whatever I want, but without reason you will not realise that your words may hurt someone else or start a dangerous domino effect in society. And without willpower you will not be able to control your tongue and keep your harmful words to yourself. Freedom, reasoning and willpower are nature's gift to humanity but humanity must utilise all three of these elements simultaneously while acting. If you give up on even a single of these three elements, then you will act out of pure selfishness. For example, if you choose to do drugs out of your freedom of choice without utilising your reasoning and willpower, then you will not only harm yourself but also the people surrounding you. If you choose to be a rebel against your parents or your society, then once again, depending on your reason to be rebellious, you may hurt the emotions of your parents who brought you up or you may result in becoming a part of the degeneration of your society. Here, you should use your willpower to control yourself and back off. Being rebellious my be useful if your reasoning tells you that it is necessary for the evolution and betterment of society and in that case use your willpower to stand steadfast and fight on.

Therefore, dear humanity, use your freedom, your reasoning and your willpower all together at the same time before acting.

Friday, March 1, 2013

And it begins...

Dear all,

Life has put me in a lot of stuff. Yet I do not blame life. I do not blame my fate or destiny. I blame the people. I blame the silence of these people. I blame the society. A lot has changed for me. A lot has changed for the remaining members of my family. A lot has changed for thousands of families. Our only crime, our beliefs.

From now on, besides the usual blogging, I will address the people of this world regarding certain issues and dilemmas. If you agree with what I write, go ahead and share it. But if you do not agree with what I write, then go ahead and stop reading.

Thank you.