Friday, October 3, 2008

Eid-a time of fun, joy and EIDI...
Oh, how much I miss fighting with the elders and arguing to give us more eidi. How much i miss just diving into the dining table and creating a mountain of food on my plate. How much I miss killing myself by eating all those sweet dishes and bowls after bowls of Kheer. How much I miss the over-crowded roads of Peshawar and people swearing at each other in Pushto. How much I miss the bright lights of Qissa Khwaani Bazaar, City Towers and the Chaand Raat at PC. How much I miss having fun!
My idea of Eid is not going to school and giving two tests. Its not at all getting tonnes of homework and sitting all day trying to nail them. Its not at all sitting all day and recalling memories with moist eyes.
I will go back one day and ask Pakistan, "Did you miss me? I missed you alot!"