Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Love Pakistan

I love Pakistan but I hate everything in it. I hate the government and I hate the people for electing such a government. I hate the WAPDA and KESC and I hate the people running it. I hate the mobile companies and I hate it when I have to make an urgent call and there is no service. I love Pakistan a lot but partly due to our ignorance and negligence we have pushed it towards destruction. I am just another frustrated Pakistani looking forward to get myself heard and that is why I have decided to pen everything that comes to my mind.
Let us start with our government. Everyone scream a lot when injustice is done to them by the government but no one acts. In every discussion we do not forget to abuse the government but has anyone really stood up to defend himself? NO ONE! We talk and talk and talk but practically do nothing. We have elected them and we can easily fight them too if only we unite. But NO! We are just a bunch of ignorant fools who sit around and think that some savior will fall from the sky and save us. Now, we elected such a useless government ourselves. Just look at them! People are dying here and they are busy bringing back the judges and removing the president. When a poor laborer dies of hunger and thirst no one notices. No one cares. But when a useless politician gets slapped the whole media show it twenty-four hours as if he has been continuously slapped thousand times. What is this? A game that which news channel shows it the most and from a better angle? Now, why the heck are politicians craving to depose the president? Can’t you guys just first solve the country’s problems and then get on with your personal grudges? A poor farmer gives a damn about who rules the country. He just wants clothes, shelter and food. Nothing else. No industries. No politics. No foreign affairs. No media.
Then comes our beautiful country’s energy crisis. Pakistan was born 60 years ago and still it can’t stand on its own feet. Whose fault is it? Our leaders? Na! It’s our fault for choosing such people to be our leaders. Our country has everything it needs to compete with any other nation; it just lacks good leaders and unity. Some people say that this entire energy crisis is due industrial growth. Why couldn’t they think of it before that every new factory will need extra energy? They do act worse than idiots! I damn care about new industries when there is no light in hot summers with my O’level exams going on. At night, I would sit with four torches and try studying with blood-thirsty mosquitoes constantly buzzing around my ears. I felt like blowing up WAPDA, KESC and National Assembly. I still can’t imagine how I stopped myself from committing suicide. Even if one extra light in every army house and government building is turned off I think 40% of the energy crisis can be solved. The rest we can beg from other countries like we always did. It’s a common thing for Pakistan to beg from other countries because it is surviving only on the shoulders of other nations who use and exploit Pakistan and further weaken its legs.
Now let’s talk about lack of quality check and control in our country. Take example of mobile companies. I was stuck in the middle of nowhere and guess what, MY MOBILE WAS WORKING! Isn’t that amazing? NO! I tried calling my parents mobile and the irritating voice of a girl (The number who have dialed is not available please try later) aggravated my anger. My parents had their mobile with them all the time in the middle of a busy city where all comforts of life should have been easily available. But to my BAD LUCK there was some technical fault and there area was not receiving mobile service. Why would I want a mobile with network coverage throughout Pakistan when it doesn’t even work properly in my own big city? One more thing, why is it that whenever I call someone I am charged double than whatever should be charged? Thanks to all those increase in taxes of thousand kinds! I wonder where all that tax money goes? I know the answer but I still wonder. Furthermore, a few days back I went to an army shop and bought some groceries for my home. Later, I found out that a common general store was selling stuff at cheaper rates then that army shop. Where should I go to get justice? Judges are busy shouting about the so-called injustice done to them. I think they deserved it all!
God save us. And God save Pakistan!