Tuesday, January 5, 2010

That Morning and That Gun!

As I leave the house front door one early morning, I can feel the
chilly wetness of the morning breeze on my cheeks. I hang the two shot-guns on my shoulder and step into the SUV. There is nothing more exciting than some serious, adventurous fun. There is nothing like hunting. Hunting not humans but animals.

It is said that like a woman's jewelry, a Pathan man's jewelry is
his gun or sword. And there is nothing more beautiful than a polished, shiny gun. It's beautiful cuts like the muscles of a horse. As you hold it in your hands, it fits in your palms like the reins of a horse and gives a sudden rush of unexplainable energy. You feel powerful. You feel wild.

A gun is not for every commoner. Not many people can cope with the
energy a gun provides and cannot handle the tremendous amount of that energy and thus lose their marbles. They go crazy.

Death of a Love

(This poem shows how complicated a simple love can become. A simple poem composed of simple words since i am no fancy poet.)

My world was dark.
And my life was gloomy.
All the happiness and joy
Went right through me.

Then a light shone far away
A light of hope and happiness
Piercing the darkness
And riding towards me.

As the light halted
A few spaces from me
My eyes squinted
But I could clearly see.

The light was something else
Something non human
Something non worldly
The light was from the angels.

Among the angels all departed
But one stayed behind for me
She was magical, mystical.
The angel was itself beauty.

She showed me the world
She showed me life
She made me her world
She made me her life.

A day came for her to depart
Tears rushed down like rain
Oh the agony and oh the pain
You are the Beat of my heart!

If you leave what will happen to me
Are you going and letting me be?
I never knew angels could be heartless
If you leave my heart will be beat-less.

She replied: I have to leave.
An angel must not love a human.
I brought you hope and beauty.
And just fulfilled my duty.

You are my hope
You are my beauty
You are my life
Why such cruelty?

She left me.
My breath left me.
My soul left me.
My body lay lifeless.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Not Human

If you can squeeze out tears from me. Try it. You will not succeed. For I have a heart of stone and emotions imprisoned.
If you can scare me. Try it. You will not succeed. For I fear nothing and Not even death.
Sometimes I think. I think that I'm not human. I think I have no feelings and no emotions. I think I am a statue with no life! The only difference between me and the statue is that I can move. Which makes me dangerous for the world. I think one day I'll be seen as a plague for humanity. For I'm not human. Not human at all...I think.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Relationships!!! Boon or Bane?

Since past few days I have been in a troubled state of mind. My mental condition was eating me from inside like a termite. My thoughts were as confused as a hurricane. I was in love or atleast I thought I was. I later found out that it was nothing but an infatuation. A mere unrealistic crush.

How can two people fall in love just through text messages? How can two people simply fall into a relationship just after knowing each other for a few days and that too through phone calls and text messages? This is not love. This is not what a relationship should start. Relationships are not a game or a toy for two young teenagers to play with! It is supposed to be a life long commitment built brick by brick over a long period of time.

There is no such thing as love at first sight because if there was such a thing, every guy including me then would be falling in love thousand times a day.

I was faced with a situation where I had to decide if it was love or just an immature infatuation between two youngsters. This one girl I knew through texting started getting too close to me and it was ll through text messages. It came to a point that we were almost in a relationship. It was too short a period to be falling in love and too unrealistic a way to get to know each other. And I came to a conclusion that it was definitely not love. Maybe it was my ideology mentioned above or maybe it was that I am already in love with someone else I know for a long time. I am confused. For me, people don't fall in love in a second, it happens over a period of time and no one realizes it. I think I have started realizing that. I am in love with some one else. I am in love with some one I had never imagined. Maybe its not true and maybe this is also infatuation. Maybe this is also an immature crush. But im confused.