Monday, December 27, 2010

And I dream on…

Butterflies in my stomach…Its been a very long time since I experienced that. A very long time. The last time must be in my 3rd grade when I had to compete in a debate competition and I was shit scared. I have come a long way since then. The butterflies in my stomach died long ago except for a couple who would occasionally flutter their wings on certain events like standing on stage or waiting for my result or leaving for USA or falling in love. But never did they flutter again in a massive number in my stomach like that 3rd grade debate competition long ago.

But all of a sudden those many dead butterflies have found life again and their wings have increased in span.Yes, they flutter again. They flutter like crazy. Butterflies in my stomach.

I had always dreamed big. I had always dreamed far. I had always written down on my every notebook’s first page the following phrase: I aim high to reach not only the sky but go beyond!

I GOT INTO OXFORD. Yes, I took a huge leap and I am quite close to my ultimate goal. My ultimate aim of life is somewhat a secret even to me. I even do not know what I will eventually become but I do know that my ultimate target is to be someone so great that pages of history will be proud to have me in its pages. Yes, I am a dreamer. I dream on. I dream that one day I will accomplish my deeply childish dreams…Yes, I dream on like a small child…

With butterflies in my stomach, I dream on…

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fate? Or something like it?


Fate works in strange ways. It closes a billion doors on you but opens one huge door better than all the combined closed doors. I have always believed in a somewhat very complicated theory of Fate devised by me. I always believed some part of our Fate was in our own hands. But parts are completely out of our hands. I would not go into that but I will tell you how fate “PLAYED” with my life and then gave me a huge compensation. Gave me something better or more like GAVE ME THE BEST!

My dream was to go to MIT. I had a perfect profile. I had everything I needed to get into MIT. EVERYTHING. Except for one thing: SAT score. I was always successful in everything that I did. I thought I was invincible. I thought I would win it straight and clean once again this time. But like I said: Fate works in strange ways. I got a pathetic SAT score. My dreams crashed and burned. I was devastated. Depressed. Suicidal. My first failure, my first fall from the horse, my first eye-opener hurt more than anything. I heard somewhere that DEATH is very painful. I felt the pain equal to DEATH.

Fate works in strange ways my friends. Before my SAT, I was “forced” to apply to UK universities including University of Oxford. I applied but I knew that Oxford was an impossible dream so I never paid attention to it. I always focused on MIT. But now MIT had to wait till I get back on the horse and try again. I did not even feel like getting back on the horse. I felt miserable. In immense Pain. But something happened and my life changed again. I fell once but I was lifted up so high that I could never imagine that! I thought flying so high would be impossible but my Acceptance from University of Oxford took me all the way to Cloud 9 and BEYOND! Yes, I AM GOING TO OXFORD. “THE OXFORD!”

I am one of the 6 lucky students Brasenose College of Oxford University accepts every year to study Electrical Engineering.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Something is NOT right!

I write whenever I am over-flowing with emotions. These emotions find their way out through a carefully chosen set of words.And today I write again but I don’t know what those emotions are. They are just something inside me bubbling to find their way out. I don’t know what those emotions are. I just don’t know. It just doesn’t feel right. I don’t know and these emotions can’t find the right words. My hands are typing NOTHING. No meaningful words. Nothing. I just don’t know. I feel helpless.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Life is just not fair…

I am a Canary Bird, against the furious gale, flying…
I am a Canary Bird crying, struck down hard…
Did not see it coming, was busy singing…
But knew that the fall will hurt, in the heart!

Life is never fair at a time when you really need it to be. You put in so much effort into something and then you just see all your efforts wash away right when you start believing that Life is favoring you; right when you believe that Luck is on your side. “Luck” is an interesting concept. It has a will and soul of its own. Untamed. Wild. Arrogant. Apathetic. In short: Luck is a bitch. She will leave you for someone else right when you need it. She will make you feel like you are THE ONE and then she will let you fall down and will not even give a shit.

Till few days ago, I felt invincible. I felt undefeatable. I felt powerful. I had too many moments of success one after the other. I came out victorious in every venture I undertook. I wanted this to go on for just a little longer. I was at the most crucial point in my life. And then it dawned on me that good things never last forever. I started realizing that I must learn to “fall” otherwise my first fall would be devastating for me. I never knew my first fall would come so soon. I was not prepared. I was taken by surprise. Alas, the fall destroyed me. It destroyed me from inside. Killed me. And then the second fall pushed me further down.

Yes, Luck abandoned me. I fell. My first fall. And then the second. I can’t get up no matter how hard I try. Unfair Life just ate me from inside like a termite of misery. It hurts. I am hollow. I am weak. No more invincible. Vulnerable. Defeated.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Last night was full of realizations. Some very pure realizations. And some very scary realizations.

Last week, my maternal uncle got into trouble with his work. His whole career was in jeopardy. This created an environment of tension and depression in our house. There was also a small fight between my maternal grandparents.

Yesterday, I got diarrhea. My grandmother asked me to put the newly-bought bottle of honey in the kitchen but due to an emergency call of nature I had to run to the bathroom and put the bottle on her bed-side table instead and forgot about it.

Last night, around 3 a.m., my uncle could not sleep because of anxiety and instead gets up to drink a glass of water. On the other hand, my diarrhea wakes me up too. My uncle sits outside my grandfather’s room to drink his glass of water and suddenly notices my grandfather struggling to walk out of the room. My uncle plunges forward to hold him by his shoulder and help him. Only words that were coming out of my grandfather’s trembling lips were: Mein Gaya, Mein Gaya, Mein Bas Gaya, Mujhe Apni Shaklein Dikhao, Mein Jaa Raha Hun (I am gone, I am gone, I am gone now, Show me your faces, I am going). Immediately, I run out from the room to help my uncle hold him and walk him to our room. We help him sit down on the bed.

“Sab ko bulao, mein unko dekhna chahta hun, mein jaa raha hun, bas mein gaya!" (Call everyone, I want to see them, I am going, I am gone!).
At that very moment, my crying grandmother sees the honey bottle and just pours some in my grandfather’s mouth. He was repeating the same sentence over and over again. Trying hard to hold back my tears, fighting hard to bury my emotions, I call my parents who arrive within five minutes. My grandfather hugs my grandmother and kisses her forehead and says, “Mein Gaya, Apna Khyal Rakhna!” (I am gone, Take care of yourself). At that instant, tears just break free from the invisible dam I had constructed around my eyes and rush down my cheeks. We give him a glass of water with honey mixed in it. And another spoonful of honey. He slowly slowly gains his energy and enters back into his senses. My father checks his blood pressure which is normal as well as his heartbeat which is normal too. Then, we check his blood-sugar level which was 2 units (even after all the honey we gave him). A normal sugar-level should be between 3.2 units and 6.4 units. At last, we figured what was wrong with him.

His blood-sugar level had dropped so much so that he thought he was dying. He was blacking out! His senses were dull and giving up. The random reflex of my grandmother to give him honey actually saved him. IF HE HAD FAINTED/PASSED-OUT, THE RESULT WOULD HAVE BEEN VERY UNPLEASANT AND UNFORTUNATE.

My purpose of writing this small, emotional incident was to analyze it and define how God designs our lives in such mysterious ways. YES, GOD EXISTS. He is sitting up their on His throne, carefully crafting every moment of our lives and inter-connecting them like threads of a web. Lets look at a list of some of the What-ifs:

1) If my uncle was not tensed about his work and career he would have been fast asleep and my grandfather would have passed out before reaching our room. No one would have known about him till morning.
2) If I did not have Diarrhea, my uncle would not have been able to walk him to the room without tripping over and falling.
3) If I did not have Diarrhea, the honey bottle would have been in the kitchen and no one would have thought about giving my grandfather something as sweet as honey.
4) If we had not given him honey, he would have passed-out and it would have been another long half-hour before we would have realized what was actually wrong with him (going to the hospital and the check-ups would have taken time).
5) If all this would not have happened, my grandparents would be still not talking to each other and our Eid would have been very depressing.

I realized that God is there. I realized that God always carefully designs our lives. I realized that all the events of our lives are inter-connected. I realized that nothing is random and there is no such thing as coincidence. But I also realized that my grandparents are old now. I realized that they are mortals. I realized that Life is never permanent. I realized how much we love each other. I realized how much we care for each other. I realized that I will be incomplete without my grandparents.

ALL THESE “RANDOM” EVENTS WERE SO WELL-COORDINATED AND PERFECTLY TIMED THAT THEY COULD NOT BE JUST COINCIDENCES. This proves the existence of an Absolutely Genius Designer and an Infinitely Skilful Creator. It is up to you to believe or not. I believe.

Monday, November 1, 2010


(This again one of my old poems from the Pre-USA era. This time it’s one of the completed ones.Although it was written years ago, this poem clearly reflects one of the incidents that happened recently in the last 4 months. Don’t ask me.)

What do you think?
You will get away with it?
Never, ever! I shall make sure
That you are punished and that you sink!

You came to me for forgiveness
And I forgave you.
Not knowing that you are a devil,
I struggled to protect and save you.

I gave you shelter and room.
I cared for you like a father.
But you betrayed me like a deceiver.
Now I shall push you to your doom!

The moon scorned me.
The sky turned away from me.
The stars spat on me.
And the Earth warned me.

But I never gave up on you.
I stood behind you.
And I kept pushing you.
And you pushed me too!

You pushed me from a cliff--
A cliff of my hopes and my hard work--
To the abyss of your mischief.
Now I shall pull you with me!

Where will you run now?
Where will you hide now?

MY Life

(I wrote this poem when I was in 8th Grade. Like all my old poems, this too is incomplete and I plan to keep it that way. I found this in an old dusty notebook I used to keep which had disappeared in the rubble of my busy life.)

My Life is a Story,
Full of Disappointments & Glory;
Full of Ups and Downs;
Full of Smiles and Frowns.
I experienced being a Fallen Warrior,
And sometimes a boring Story-teller.
Now I tell the story of My Life;
How I faced the world’s sword and knife,
Which defeated every man
But not me, as nothing can!

Starting as a Boy so Ordinary,
I began the first page of My Story.
I wrote and then I ripped it off.
It was about how I climbed the ladder of success,
And then how easily I fell off.
People know only about my success,
But don’t know the time I spent in distress…


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beautiful Mess

It is a beautiful mess I got myself into.

Painfully sweet.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Changed me. Evolved me.

(During a small text-message discussion with my friend, the topic of CHANGE came up. She told me how a recent 10-day experience changed her completely. I replied: I have already changed in the past and I won’t anymore or at least anytime soon.)

After this, I tickled my thought-process to figure out what were the significant events that did change me and evolve me into an individual that I am today. When I look back, I find a Gazillion such small incidents.

My grandfather’s table-talks changed me and my grandmother’s caressing changed me. My mother’s hug changed me and my father’s love changed me.

Then comes my school life. My betraying friends changed me and my first crush changed me. My losing and winning changed me and my competitors’ dirty tricks changed me. My every success changed me and being the school HeadBoy changed me. Making new friends changed me and being betrayed again changed me. My teachers’ trust changed me and my best friend's perfidy changed me.

Blast on Baba’s election rally changed me and 70 people dying changed me. 200 injured people changed me and my father’s tears changed me. Another blast on my father’s car changed me and the story of his bloody body changed me. His survival and getting well changed me and seeing him once again changed me. Him losing the elections changed me and shattering dreams changed me. But him being alive and well changed me and his determination to fight again changed me.

Then winning the YES Scholarship to USA changed me and meeting 60 kids from all over Pakistan changed me. Ups and Downs changed me. Small laughs and fights changed me. New great friends changed me and their loyalty changed me.

Getting on that plane to USA changed me and my grandparents’ and parents’ tears changed me. My brothers’ tight hugs changed me. That long flight changed me. The DC nights changed me and finding a true best friend, Osama, changed me.

My loving Host Family changed me and the nice Church Folks changed me. The morning Starbucks changed me and the evening Iced Tea changed me. Those meal-discussions changed me and working in the yard changed me. Meeting 61 amazing kids from all over the world changed and my high school changed me. Finding my TWIN BROTHER MARCELO changed me and being best friends with the ASB President Luke Kneeshaw changed me. Those crazy car rides changed me and Chinese Fire Drills changed me. Stealing road-signs changed me and getting wrapped in Food Wrap changed me. Working at Scone Booth and Mariner’s game changed me and those visits to Federal Way Commons changed me. Watching SAW 5 with girls changed me and then being forced to watch Twilight in Cinema changed me. Pikes Place Market changed me and spotting hot girls changed me. The castle of Stadium High School changed me and the Prom Night changed me. That red Ruby Beatle changed me and that Hulla doll changed me.

Then, saying last goodbyes and knowing that I may never see them again changed me and the final hugs changed me. Those tears changed me and that depressing long flight back to DC changed me. Frustrations in DC changed me and the desire to run back to Seattle changed me. Hatred for some people in DC changed me and then comfort from family changed. Seeing my own home once again changed me and the end of American Adventure changed me. Old friends making fun of me changed me and their criticism of my being different changed me. Missing my foreign friends changed me and getting back to my old friends changed me. Osama’s constant support changed me and Roots College changed me. Working for flood victims and orphanages changed me and constant nostalgia because of my USA experience changed me. Seeing Pakistan deteriorate changed me and people’s ignorance changed me. Every success so far has changed me and winning the HeadBoy elections changed me.

YES, I am a changed person now. I have evolved into something you cannot comprehend.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Some things in life are too beautiful to be expressed by words.

God is too beautiful.

And then Love is too beautiful.

Grandfather (Daddy)

Dear Daddy,

You made me. I am what I am because of You.When I was young, you taught me the ways of an older person. You held my hand and walked me around the house telling me stories of your past; narrating me adventures of far away lands and seas. I will never forget those long table talks and those productive garden walks. YOU MADE ME. You took care of me when others bullied me. You wiped my tears and yelled at those who brought tears to my eyes. You taught me how to fix lamps and switches. I learned plumbing from you. I learned politics from you. We discussed issues which only elders discuss. You taught me how to fire an air-gun. You gave me lessons on how to defend myself and the house. At age 10, you gave me the responsibility of the home’s security. You made me DREAM. You made me GROW.YOU MADE ME WHAT I AM RIGHT NOW!

Now, you are ill. You don’t walk anymore with me in the garden. You don’t talk much on the table either. Daddy, I miss all that. You are getting weaker day by day. Your health is deteriorating. My aim of life so far has been to make you proud. I topped every class, and got great academic and social standing just because of you. I will never forget your life lessons. You gave me so much freedom that people criticized you for that but you always ignored them. Look at me now, that freedom you gave me made me something better than most people. YOU MADE ME WHAT I AM RIGHT NOW!

Daddy, just hang in there. I want you to celebrate with me when I achieve the DREAMS we both had for myself. I want you to see me reach not only the sky but to go beyond. I want you to then go around laughing on the faces of people who criticized you for everything regarding me. I want you to pop a champagne bottle to celebrate my victory just like they do in the movies. I want us both to then sit down and watch Baywatch just like we used to when I was only 7 or 8 years old and people used to dislike that. Daddy, I want you to be around when I reach the final stage of BECOMING WHAT YOU WANTED ME TO BECOME!

I love you Daddy. And I will always love you. I pray a long and healthy life for you.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Dear Pakistan,

I know how you are right now because I see it everyday. I know you are suffering from world’s most terrible illnesses and some of them may even take years to cure. But believe me, one day everything will be all right. One day, all these illnesses will be cured. Just hang in there buddy. Just hang in there a little longer till the youth comes in power. Hang in there long enough till WE BRING A BLOODY REVOLUTION TO CURE YOU! I will wash your streets with the blood of the corrupt enemies. And then wipe them clean with the heads of those who ruined you. Only then will you be cured! Only then will you prosper as was dreamt by our elders. There is no other way. There is no other cure. Only blood and blood only.

A revolution is inevitable. The stage is set, the props are up and the right mood prevails. All that is missing are actors and a director.


With Love,
Syed Shehroz Hussain (Ozzy).

Sunday, August 15, 2010


History is not a collection of facts but just a collection of opinions and perspectives. It may be opinions of just one side only or can be of both sides. We cannot ignore the fact that there will always be a certain level of “Historian Bias” or “Ruling-Class Effect” sometimes evident and sometimes concealed in these Pages of History!

(Now consider again the whole history of nations and religions.)

Sit by me, please!

(Emotions make me write. I am not a poet and I am not a good writer, but writing is what helps me vent out my emotions and feelings which I can’t express otherwise.)

No,I dont want a YES,
I dont want anything Else,
All I want is to sit side by you,
And be one of your Special Few.

I know it will never happen,
Flirting is an ineffective weapon,
So I will just sit by you and hear you talk.
Look deep into your eyes as we walk.

Maybe one day you will sit by me and realize,
Maybe one day you will look deep into my eyes,
Maybe one day from dusk till dawn we will talk
Endlessly on and on till our gaze unlock!

Friday, August 13, 2010

I Cried…

I cried today! I  admit that I too have a heart that feels and eyes that fill with tears.Yes, I cried today!

The thought of not being able to do something tortures me. YES, when I realized that no matter how much we fundraise and no matter where we will provide relief, in the end it will not be enough. It will never be enough. Soon the whole hype will settle down and people will start forgetting. People always forget. Its a HUMAN TRADEMARK that they forget easily. I know, soon people will stop giving donations and the NGOs will step in and get going with the government-like corruption. Why did God create such an imperfect and selfish creature? And then gave them a weak heart? And then thrust upon them his wrath in the form of earthquakes and floods?

Yes, I cried. When I realized that no matter what I do, it will not make a difference, I cried. When it occurred to me that I am too insignificant and powerless to do something, I cried.

Every moment when I think of doing something grand and great, I feel like I am just building castles in the sky. Maybe all my desires and wishes and dreams are nothing but castles in the sky. Maybe I am just an overgrown kid who still dreams the impossible. I know people go around saying that Nothing is Impossible. But there are some things that are just never possible. Or maybe I just don’t have the strength or the guts or the resources to make them possible. I will never give up on my dreams BUT maybe one day I will grow out of it and live my life just like the rest-monotonous and insignificant! Or maybe I will become the superman of my dreams!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

God? Are You really up there?

In a discussion with two of my senior friends (Abdullah Bhai and Haider Bhai), Abdullah Bhai and I challenged everything that people consider REAL. Haider Bhai was annoyed. Abdullah Bhai and I were the Radical Liberals while Haider Bhai was the Strict Conservative. The following is my ideology regarding REALITY and our LIFE. Do not get me wrong, I am still a staunch Muslim and even according to this ideology, God does exist as you will see in the end! This may seem very wierd and complicated to you. Later I found out that this ideology is partially or mostly similar to the philosophy of SUBJECTIVISM.

What is “Reality?'”

My definition is that ‘Reality is everything that our mind perceives.

Another definition could be that ‘Reality is everything that the majority agrees upon.’ This I believe is wrong.


According to my definition, Reality is ‘created’ by our mind. Our mind decides how and what we perceive. Does that mean whatever we perceive could be wrong? An example of this is that our mind actually decides how we perceive the color YELLOW. How do you prove that the color YELLOW is actually yellow? How do you PROVE that in reality it is exactly like the way we perceive it? This means that every proof we have for things that exist around us is actually SUBJECTIVE. How do you remove the “MIND’S SUBJECTIVITY” when trying to prove the existence of something that you see, feel, hear or sense? I AM THE SUBJECT OF MY MIND AND MY MIND CREATED THE WHOLE OBJECT UNIVERSE AROUND ME. Nothing actually exists, it is all fabricated by the mind!Everything is subjective! Only I exist. For me, you don’t exist. Its like a film being played before my eyes. This ultimately leads to the phrase: “The mind is the god (with a small ‘g’).”

Now, if you argue back by saying that the color red exists because we SEE it and you agree with the second definition of reality, then how would you explain what a color-blind person sees? This is where I see the “flaw”  in the second definition of reality which says that reality is what majority decides on. What if the color-blind person is actually seeing the real color and the whole of majority is in truth color-blind? The first definition of reality can also be explained and proved by the fact that a schizophrenic’s reality is what he perceives and what his mind shows him/her even though it is not real. Thus, there is a possibility of my ideology being correct! There is a possibility that whatever I am seeing is wrong and unreal. What if I am a schizophrenic and whatever I see is just a fabrication of my mind?  THE MIND IS THE CREATOR?? CREATING AN ILLUSION?? For all it is, I could be just sitting in a dark void of nothingness or I may not have a body at all!

How do I prove that YOU exist? How can I do that in a way which does not involve my mind meddling or tampering with the actual reality? How do I know that whatever I am sensing and seeing and feeling and hearing is actually REAL and not just a fabrication of my mind? If I am alone, then does that mean everything around me is an illusion like that of a schizophrenic? Does this mean there is no such thing as religion and family and love and God and hunger and happiness and disaster and history and science?? Is it all made a part of my APPARENT REALITY just to keep myself occupied?? Just to give my mind something to play with? Does this mean I can change my reality if I truly and deeply believe in something and learn to control or force my mind into superficially making it real for me? How did I come into existence then or do I even exist?

After coming up with these series of questions, I reached a conclusion. The conclusion justified the existence of God to me…

When I sit down and think that since my mind is the master and creator of everything, then why can’t I answer some really serious questions like the ones mentioned above? Why is it not possible to come up with the true REALITY? That is where my ‘brain lamp’ lit up. This is where I realized that we are just too imperfect and insignificant to know the answers to such questions. THE MIND’S INABILITY TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS IS THE PROOF OF GOD’S EXISTENCE AND A PROOF THAT THERE MUST BE SOME BEING ABOVE ME! This shows that there must be a Higher Being with much more knowledge than my mind to actually know the answers and to have created something as illiterate and imperfect as my mind. A being that gave my mind a BEGINNING but not enough power to come up with these answers. God hid the answers and solutions for this very reason; to prove His own existence without ever manifesting Himself. The following is how I imagine a Higher Being reacting to my questions and my inability to answer them:

God: HAHA, see! You can’t come up with the answers! You are too insignificant! Too dumb! The reason why I never made you that smart was so that one day you realize this! I AM YOUR BOSS YOU LITTLE DUMBSHIT! You will never understand such matters. YOU DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING BECAUSE YOU ARE INFERIOR! YOU ARE MY CREATION! AND I AM YOUR “GOD!”

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Identity Crisis


As I stand in front of the Devil-Box, I see our past, values, traditions and culture crumpling away right before my eyes. Our forefathers fought and sacrificed to preserve and protect these same values and traditions. But now we failed them. Disgraced their sacrifice. We threw away our culture, beliefs, norms, values and traditions into an abyss of void and blackness and then blindly followed the traditions and beliefs of foreign alien invaders. Witnessing this grieves me! Tortures me! Kills me!

We have forsaken our beautiful Shalwar Kameez for tight jeans and shrunken T-shirts. We have forgotten the true melodies of Sitar, Sarang, Flute, Rabab and Tabla for the foreign Head-banging so-called music which is all about screaming and Boom Booms. We have even started to prefer bland, fatty and disgusting burgers and pizzas over tasteful, delicious and healthy Makai Ki Roti and Saag or Chapli Kabab or Driver Hotel’s Daal with Naan. We would rather have those black or orange sweet and sickening drinks like Cola instead of more refreshing Lassi or Chai or Rooh Afza or Limo Pani.

We have an identity. Or we used too…

Our identity is what make us unique and special in the whole world. Driving madly in bad traffic is our identity. The unhygienic roadside ‘tikka’ and ‘chaat’ and ‘ganey ka sharbat’ is our identity and so is Shalwar Kameez with Chapliyaan or Khhoosey and Eid and Basant. Gossiping and colorful clothes with patterns and embroidery is our identity as well as heavy jewelry and glass bangles and boys kee ‘cheapness’ and girls keh ‘nakhrey.’ Not to ignore same gender hugging and gender segregation. If there was no gender segregation then what would be the fun in ‘Poondi’ and why would girls take hours to get ready to become the centre of all Poondi? This is Pakistan and this is who we are! This is “us” as a nation! The loud, annoying rickshaws and the heavily decorated darling buses with cheap poetry on the rear window, the constant abusing and cussing of politicians and the Friday Namaz when the streets get empty, the hooting and whistling in any social event, these are what define us and give us an identity. These are what give COLOR to our lives and culture! This is what adds SPICE in our lifestyle.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

God and Misery

(While trying to have an intellectual discussion with my best friend Luke Kneeshaw, I stumbled upon a valuable realization. Thanks Luke.)

OZZY says:
 wow! humans sure are a violent creation
God created humans as intellectual savages? civilized zombies?
Luke says:
 Well, I think he made us perfect
we're the ones who screwed it up
I personally think that god is more of a clock maker than a puppeteer
He made up to work and we should be able to do it by ourselves with his help every once in a while
OZZY says:
 you are right! clockmaker no doubt...we screwed ourselves up! he tried to keep us on track through religion...but we used religion to wage more wars.

Remember: God made us perfect. We are the ones who screwed it up. (Luke H. Kneeshaw)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Silent World

(I wrote this while trying to see and feel the world through Ali Raza’s eyes. Or at least trying to. Ali Raza is a two-year old boy who is deaf. He is my cousin’s son. Really cute. The following is just a portion of the whole writing I have been working on.)

“The world is completely silent for me. Or that is what others tell me. Everything is quiet. I don’t know what “SILENT” actually means. I don’t even what is this thing people call “NOISE” and maybe not knowing it is what “silent” means. Existence of anything remains unknown until and unless someone actually “senses” it. That is how people know that God exists because at some point in their lives, people have ‘sensed’ God and His workings. For me “SILENCE” and “NOISE” don’t exist at all.

I see and feel the world the way others cannot, and others see and feel the world the way I cannot. Or that is what others tell me. If that is the case then I am different. I am special. Every great thinker, philosopher, revolutionary or prophet was different and they saw and felt the world the way others could not. They were special. They were gifted. I am gifted…”


(Wrote it during a class a day after I found a wierd doll under my bed. Scared the HELL out of me.)

That one Voodoo Doll,
Hidden under my Bed.
That wierd pin,
Stuck right through its head.


Things would have been different.
The question now is: DO I WANT IT TO BE DIFFERENT??
Maybe. Maybe not.

Insanity and Life

Its been almost a whole year and I am still not over my USA year. I still miss my time. I am going crazy. Insane. I wish I could relive it all again. Just once. Please.

I am lucky to have met some of the most beautiful people in the year 2008. I wish I could bring it all back. I wish I could be with them forever. First of all, I had the loveliest Host Parents ever. Ryan and Peggy. My American PARENTS. Even though at times I know I annoyed them but they never said a word. Ryan Dad always took care of me like his own true son. Peggy mom always cooked the most delicious meals and not to forget the mouthwatering Desserts she made. They just had a wonderful family who took me under their wings in an alien land. There is so much about them that even a whole book would not be sufficient.

Then comes Luke Kneeshaw (Homo Gayshaw). The one person I admire more than anyone. I still do not know how a popular ASB president came to be friends with an insignificant Pakistani exchange student. I still don’t know. I remember the first time I met him. Then I remember the night I made him and others run away from our house through the backdoor. That really pissed my host family. But my intention was to not disturb them. All the small mistakes I made in USA were always unintentional and I got to learn a lot from them.

I will not say much about Marcelo because just by thinking about him I get tears in my eyes. Still. That may sound gay but I miss him a lot.

After them comes a long list of people I miss extremely and would do anything to be with them again. Luis, Jenny, Franzi, Teresza, Sara, The Exchange Student Gang, The Hauser Family, The Church Folks, everyone related to the Egerdahls.

I am going insane. And I do not know what is the cure to this malady.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Excruciating Pain

(This poem was my way of getting over some recent events. It didn’t help as expected. But it did lighten the burden. Thanks Osama for the suggestion. Here goes another depressing piece of writing.)

This excruciatingly unbearable Pain.
Makes any sane man go Insane.
Please Be Gone. Be Gone. Be Gone.
Leave me on my own, all Alone.

I try to Hang-On with Patience.
But my body Burns with Abhorrence.
My heart Bleeding. Bleeding. Bleeding.
My Soul Sinking. Sinking. Sinking.

No more Candles of Hope are Lit.
The Agony corrodes me bit by bit.
This Depression Termite eating.
Slowly Consuming. Contusing. Killing…

The Sound Of Death?

(I was going through my drawer when I came across this poem I wrote in Grade 7. I was a much better writer then than now. But I was all “EMO,” haha. All my writings from my past have always been incomplete. This one too. I will not finish them. You can notice that my old writings were more “artificial” than being close to my real life.)

I hear a sound.
Wolf’s Howl?
Or Death’s Horn?
But it soon came around!

Indeed it was death.
To take away my soul.
For Deed’s Toll!
And shut down forever my breath.

I begged for one more day.
To live and love one last time.
To give away things that were mine.
And tell my family that I cannot stay.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

God versus Man

“The only biggest difference between God as a Creator and man as a creator is that God does not “lose” Himself in His creation.”

Friday, June 4, 2010

My State of Mind

(When I was talking to my buddy Osama Malik we discussed love and relationships. Only he can understand what this poem actually means and what is veiled behind these words.)

I know it's you
I'm sure it's you
The one I‘ve been waiting for
The one I‘ve been dreaming for

Love? I never believed in.
Fun? All that is to life.
Then How did it happen?
I'm putting my wrist to knife?

Ozzy transformed
Shehroz long gone.
A new being in making.
Old habits breaking.

This new being, a boon?
Only if his heart satiated.
This new being, a bane?
If his love killed and mutilated.

A plague I will become.
My emotions will be numb.
Like a statue deaf and dumb.
For all. Specially for some.

A rising tide
With unbelievable might
None will Oppose me.
None can fight.

Save me. Set me right and neat.
In my making put some sweet.
Or there will be no more beauty.
But only the mighty beast.

Olden Golden Days of Sunshine in the Rainy State

(I wrote this while I was waiting for electrical power to come back. Images of USA life flashed before my eyes. In memory of all the beautiful people I met there.)

Alone. All alone.
In the darkroom.
Thinking over time,
Long passed and gone.

Those days of laughter.
Glittering diamond days.
Eyes full of tears,
During final departure.

I look back with longing.
Those beautiful people,
To be with them,
One final time, once again.

Life moves on fast
Like a horse with wings.
Now I know for sure,
Good times never last.

Friday, April 30, 2010

The Million Dollar Question?

“L.O.V.E is just another word [OZZY] never learnt to pronounce. (Starstrukk by 3OH!3)”

Few days ago, some friends of mine posed the ultimate question: Can Ozzy ever fall in love?

Everyone laughed and replied in the negative. Wow, that is not new. This is not the first time people judge people. And this is definitely not the first time OZfuckin’ZY and “love” and “relationships” have been discussed.

In last few months, something happened. Something unexpected. Something so UNOZZY-ISH. Ozzy fell in love?? Maybe. WHAT? SINCE WHEN? Ozzy himself does not know! It just happened. Happened just like that unheralded.

Yes, “I think” I am in love. In love with someone I have been spending time since October. It happened SLOWLY. But I am still not sure what is the difference between infatuation and love. That is why I am waiting before I take a step further. Plus, I don’t want to risk our friendship so maybe I will never make a move. OZZY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE IS NOT GOING TO MAKE A MOVE? No. Because she is just too innocent, just too simple, just too beautiful to deserve something like “Ozzy.”

I think I should know how to make love to something innocent without leaving my fingerprints out. (Starstrukk by 3OH!3)

Ozzy is changing too. No more flirting. No more playing. Which means that a time will come when Ozzy will CEASE TO EXIST. I have to make a decision after exams immediately. To sacrifice love or to sacrifice Ozzy. The ULTIMATE DECISION!

She is just too precious to lose. And that is why I will wait till the right time comes. For now, EXAMS ARE IMPORTANT for her as well as for me. But YES I am in love and it is the most painfully beautiful experience!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Inside

To Live With Strangers!
To Become A Part of Them!

Now I Want To
Live With My
Own Flesh And Blood,
With My Own Kith And Kin!
Live With Them!

And To
Become A Part

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bombs and Blasts and Blood!

That one blast took it all away
People die mothers cry every moment every day.

It was a city of joy and a city of fun
Now it's a city where most carry a gun.

It was a city of life and a city of lights
Now it's a city of dead and no more delights.

Same is the story of one survival
It cannot be put into words But I won't forget the fable.

Ask me not what this fable was
For he struggled and fought and lost for a mighty good cause.

All he wanted was to bring a change.
None supported him, calling him a fool and his ideology strange.

He still fought and fought bravely.
But the enemy opposed him with violence gravely.

A suicide bomber tried to bring him down. Many died
Miracles happen. He survived.

A second attempt to blow up his car was not foreseen.
His body bloody and only few helpers on the hostile scene.

He survived yet again. God is on the right side.
United we stand but why always we divide?


Dad I love you and will always remain by your side. I am ready to face the gruesome consequences. I am ready to die. For a death on battlefield will be far more sweeter than a death on bed. A death in action will be far more glorious than a silent death. A death for a cause will be far more honorable than a death in vain!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

That Morning and That Gun!

As I leave the house front door one early morning, I can feel the
chilly wetness of the morning breeze on my cheeks. I hang the two shot-guns on my shoulder and step into the SUV. There is nothing more exciting than some serious, adventurous fun. There is nothing like hunting. Hunting not humans but animals.

It is said that like a woman's jewelry, a Pathan man's jewelry is
his gun or sword. And there is nothing more beautiful than a polished, shiny gun. It's beautiful cuts like the muscles of a horse. As you hold it in your hands, it fits in your palms like the reins of a horse and gives a sudden rush of unexplainable energy. You feel powerful. You feel wild.

A gun is not for every commoner. Not many people can cope with the
energy a gun provides and cannot handle the tremendous amount of that energy and thus lose their marbles. They go crazy.

Death of a Love

(This poem shows how complicated a simple love can become. A simple poem composed of simple words since i am no fancy poet.)

My world was dark.
And my life was gloomy.
All the happiness and joy
Went right through me.

Then a light shone far away
A light of hope and happiness
Piercing the darkness
And riding towards me.

As the light halted
A few spaces from me
My eyes squinted
But I could clearly see.

The light was something else
Something non human
Something non worldly
The light was from the angels.

Among the angels all departed
But one stayed behind for me
She was magical, mystical.
The angel was itself beauty.

She showed me the world
She showed me life
She made me her world
She made me her life.

A day came for her to depart
Tears rushed down like rain
Oh the agony and oh the pain
You are the Beat of my heart!

If you leave what will happen to me
Are you going and letting me be?
I never knew angels could be heartless
If you leave my heart will be beat-less.

She replied: I have to leave.
An angel must not love a human.
I brought you hope and beauty.
And just fulfilled my duty.

You are my hope
You are my beauty
You are my life
Why such cruelty?

She left me.
My breath left me.
My soul left me.
My body lay lifeless.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Not Human

If you can squeeze out tears from me. Try it. You will not succeed. For I have a heart of stone and emotions imprisoned.
If you can scare me. Try it. You will not succeed. For I fear nothing and Not even death.
Sometimes I think. I think that I'm not human. I think I have no feelings and no emotions. I think I am a statue with no life! The only difference between me and the statue is that I can move. Which makes me dangerous for the world. I think one day I'll be seen as a plague for humanity. For I'm not human. Not human at all...I think.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Relationships!!! Boon or Bane?

Since past few days I have been in a troubled state of mind. My mental condition was eating me from inside like a termite. My thoughts were as confused as a hurricane. I was in love or atleast I thought I was. I later found out that it was nothing but an infatuation. A mere unrealistic crush.

How can two people fall in love just through text messages? How can two people simply fall into a relationship just after knowing each other for a few days and that too through phone calls and text messages? This is not love. This is not what a relationship should start. Relationships are not a game or a toy for two young teenagers to play with! It is supposed to be a life long commitment built brick by brick over a long period of time.

There is no such thing as love at first sight because if there was such a thing, every guy including me then would be falling in love thousand times a day.

I was faced with a situation where I had to decide if it was love or just an immature infatuation between two youngsters. This one girl I knew through texting started getting too close to me and it was ll through text messages. It came to a point that we were almost in a relationship. It was too short a period to be falling in love and too unrealistic a way to get to know each other. And I came to a conclusion that it was definitely not love. Maybe it was my ideology mentioned above or maybe it was that I am already in love with someone else I know for a long time. I am confused. For me, people don't fall in love in a second, it happens over a period of time and no one realizes it. I think I have started realizing that. I am in love with some one else. I am in love with some one I had never imagined. Maybe its not true and maybe this is also infatuation. Maybe this is also an immature crush. But im confused.