Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beautiful Mess

It is a beautiful mess I got myself into.

Painfully sweet.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Changed me. Evolved me.

(During a small text-message discussion with my friend, the topic of CHANGE came up. She told me how a recent 10-day experience changed her completely. I replied: I have already changed in the past and I won’t anymore or at least anytime soon.)

After this, I tickled my thought-process to figure out what were the significant events that did change me and evolve me into an individual that I am today. When I look back, I find a Gazillion such small incidents.

My grandfather’s table-talks changed me and my grandmother’s caressing changed me. My mother’s hug changed me and my father’s love changed me.

Then comes my school life. My betraying friends changed me and my first crush changed me. My losing and winning changed me and my competitors’ dirty tricks changed me. My every success changed me and being the school HeadBoy changed me. Making new friends changed me and being betrayed again changed me. My teachers’ trust changed me and my best friend's perfidy changed me.

Blast on Baba’s election rally changed me and 70 people dying changed me. 200 injured people changed me and my father’s tears changed me. Another blast on my father’s car changed me and the story of his bloody body changed me. His survival and getting well changed me and seeing him once again changed me. Him losing the elections changed me and shattering dreams changed me. But him being alive and well changed me and his determination to fight again changed me.

Then winning the YES Scholarship to USA changed me and meeting 60 kids from all over Pakistan changed me. Ups and Downs changed me. Small laughs and fights changed me. New great friends changed me and their loyalty changed me.

Getting on that plane to USA changed me and my grandparents’ and parents’ tears changed me. My brothers’ tight hugs changed me. That long flight changed me. The DC nights changed me and finding a true best friend, Osama, changed me.

My loving Host Family changed me and the nice Church Folks changed me. The morning Starbucks changed me and the evening Iced Tea changed me. Those meal-discussions changed me and working in the yard changed me. Meeting 61 amazing kids from all over the world changed and my high school changed me. Finding my TWIN BROTHER MARCELO changed me and being best friends with the ASB President Luke Kneeshaw changed me. Those crazy car rides changed me and Chinese Fire Drills changed me. Stealing road-signs changed me and getting wrapped in Food Wrap changed me. Working at Scone Booth and Mariner’s game changed me and those visits to Federal Way Commons changed me. Watching SAW 5 with girls changed me and then being forced to watch Twilight in Cinema changed me. Pikes Place Market changed me and spotting hot girls changed me. The castle of Stadium High School changed me and the Prom Night changed me. That red Ruby Beatle changed me and that Hulla doll changed me.

Then, saying last goodbyes and knowing that I may never see them again changed me and the final hugs changed me. Those tears changed me and that depressing long flight back to DC changed me. Frustrations in DC changed me and the desire to run back to Seattle changed me. Hatred for some people in DC changed me and then comfort from family changed. Seeing my own home once again changed me and the end of American Adventure changed me. Old friends making fun of me changed me and their criticism of my being different changed me. Missing my foreign friends changed me and getting back to my old friends changed me. Osama’s constant support changed me and Roots College changed me. Working for flood victims and orphanages changed me and constant nostalgia because of my USA experience changed me. Seeing Pakistan deteriorate changed me and people’s ignorance changed me. Every success so far has changed me and winning the HeadBoy elections changed me.

YES, I am a changed person now. I have evolved into something you cannot comprehend.