Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Some things in life are too beautiful to be expressed by words.

God is too beautiful.

And then Love is too beautiful.

Grandfather (Daddy)

Dear Daddy,

You made me. I am what I am because of You.When I was young, you taught me the ways of an older person. You held my hand and walked me around the house telling me stories of your past; narrating me adventures of far away lands and seas. I will never forget those long table talks and those productive garden walks. YOU MADE ME. You took care of me when others bullied me. You wiped my tears and yelled at those who brought tears to my eyes. You taught me how to fix lamps and switches. I learned plumbing from you. I learned politics from you. We discussed issues which only elders discuss. You taught me how to fire an air-gun. You gave me lessons on how to defend myself and the house. At age 10, you gave me the responsibility of the home’s security. You made me DREAM. You made me GROW.YOU MADE ME WHAT I AM RIGHT NOW!

Now, you are ill. You don’t walk anymore with me in the garden. You don’t talk much on the table either. Daddy, I miss all that. You are getting weaker day by day. Your health is deteriorating. My aim of life so far has been to make you proud. I topped every class, and got great academic and social standing just because of you. I will never forget your life lessons. You gave me so much freedom that people criticized you for that but you always ignored them. Look at me now, that freedom you gave me made me something better than most people. YOU MADE ME WHAT I AM RIGHT NOW!

Daddy, just hang in there. I want you to celebrate with me when I achieve the DREAMS we both had for myself. I want you to see me reach not only the sky but to go beyond. I want you to then go around laughing on the faces of people who criticized you for everything regarding me. I want you to pop a champagne bottle to celebrate my victory just like they do in the movies. I want us both to then sit down and watch Baywatch just like we used to when I was only 7 or 8 years old and people used to dislike that. Daddy, I want you to be around when I reach the final stage of BECOMING WHAT YOU WANTED ME TO BECOME!

I love you Daddy. And I will always love you. I pray a long and healthy life for you.