Sunday, March 15, 2009

What Have We Become?

God created mankind to flourish on the Earth. To live peacefully in harmony. God knew what would happen! Yet He created mankind with hope that it may live as He wished. But humans never followed Him. They never followed their Creator and the angels knew this. Angels knew that we would bring chaos and destruction on themselves. We are not even a bit ashamed of what we have done this world!
Man killing man! Blood and tears wash down whole cities! Even nthe moon sobs at our doings. The sun gets hotter with anger as it sees us destroy ourselves. Is this why God created us? To destroy oursleves? God gave us feelings so that we could feel the burden of our actions yet we all fail to feel! If only we had felt the cries of an orphan, screams of an injured, tears of a mother, anger of a brother, plea of a father and silence of a sister, we would have already stopped this self-destruction. People are butchered like animals in Afghanistan, Iraq and Gaza because only two small groups are not willing to agree on the same terms! Revenge is a poison to this world! Blood is not the cure for loss but salt on a wound! There is no satisfaction in EYE FOR AN EYE ideology. You feel satisfaction only in FLOWER FOR AN EYE...try it, it works!

I know I write rubbish, but how can I transform my heart into words? Rip open my chest and you will see pain. Pain to see you kill yourself.