Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Wishes. We all have wishes. We even have wishlists on facebook. I wish for an iPod. He wishes for a new car. I wish for a bigger television. He wishes for a better house. She wishes for a sophisticated kitchen. Everyone wishes for something. Don't you? I do. And then we start something we never did before. We start saving. Life is always better when you save. They sell CDs and books advising you to budget and save in the right way as if God revealed to them the secrets of finances. I wish I wish I wish and then save save save. But no one ever saved to help. No one ever saved for someone else. No one ever saved to save another life. We are all so happily living in our small close-to-perfect lives that we rarely see outside our airconditioned houses and windows of our tinted cars. We all talk about how our country is failing but have we ever tried to even do something about it? Open up your window and listen closely to the breeze. Just wait for a while and get over the hot weather and listen. You will hear a small whistling sound. Don't be dissapointed and wait for a little longer. Focus and listen closely. That whistle sound is the voice of a young kid whose father passed away and his mother works as a cleaner in a house. He knows that there is no fairy or angel who would fulfill his wish. I wish for my dad to come back to me. I wish I get one extra bite of bread to satisfy hunger. I wish for education. I wish I wish I wish. Did you hear that? These innocent wishes of this poor child are carried by the wind yet no one listens to it. Do me a favor and go sit by a big tree. Close your eyes and do not complain about having no time for this. Just do it. Smell the fragrance of the leaves and flowers. Just wait a little longer. Forget how late you are for your work and concentrate. The scent of leaves and flowers is the scent of a farmer. This scent will speak to you about the wishes if this poor farmer and the only bread winner of a family of eight. He is a human and he wishes too. I wish that my crops grow well. I wish I get some extra money to buy some extra food. I wish my mom feels better. I wish I could educate my sons. I wish I wish I wish. These simple wishes of this sweaty, hardworking farmer are spread around by the scent of the leaves yet every one is drowned in pollution to pay heed to it. If your eyes are opening now, bear with me one more time as I want to wake you up from your deep slumber full of perfect dreams. Turn of every electronic appliance of your house and close every door. Turn off the lights and fans and air conditioners. Sit in absolute darkness and then light a candle. Look at the dancing flame and pay close attention to its flickers. Concentrate. This dance of the flame talks about a girl getting ready for marriage. I wish my father is able to pay off all the loans he took for the wedding and dowry. I wish my father finds will power to live after I am gone. I wish my husband is ever faithful to me. I wish God bless my life and family. I wish I wish I wish. Who will fulfill her wishes? You? Me? How? Because we are so engrossed with our dreams, we forget that all our dreams should focus on a better world. One last time do this with me. Just once. Go sit in your garden near a flower. Wait for a butterfly to come by. Wait a bit longer and do not complain. Pay attention to its every flutter of the wing. Watch closely how it floats in the air and how its colorful wings rise and fall. This rise and fall will tell you about wishes of yet another human being. It will tell you about the wishes of another mother who lost her kids in a bomb blast during war. I wish I could kiss my sons one last time. I wish they find place in paradise. I wish I die soon to see them again. I wish the sound of "ammi, ammi" could again echo in the house. I wish I wish I wish. Now my friends, tell me again what you wish! Tell me again that you want an iPhone or a new laptop or a bigger television or a better house or a cuter girlfriend or an expensive car. Keep wishing. But wish for others too. And pay heed to what others are wishing for! HELP THEM!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why Bother??

Stuck in the past, i was flown to the future for a year and now I have been thrown back to my past life. Left to rot. That's what I think till now. I am just sitting here and rotting!

Pakistan is my home and America was just a small fantasy ride. But when I came back, I was all pumped up to bring a change in my area and make a difference. Now I realize that no matter what I do, it won't make a difference at all. Poor people will still sleep hungry, sects would still fight on, government would still steal, prices would still go higher and higher, soldiers would still die and country would still fall further. SO WHY SHOULD I EVEN BOTHER? We heard of Edhi and NGOs and many welfare organizations that do a lot of volunteer work but let us just sit and analyze the whole situation and ask ourselves DID IT MAKE A DIFFERENCE?? Did any of those eradicate poverty or brought social changes to our country? I am afraid the answer to this is in the NEGATIVE!

Pakistan was carved out in the year 1946 and its no better than it was then...Countries proceed ahead while Pakistan walks backwards. Every time someone raises his voice to rebel against the system is pushed back and killed or his voice muted!