Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Estupidos Americanos

I am hundred percent convinced that the whole world is smarter than these Americans. I have seen their country and I have closely observed their system. The biggest flaw in their system is the idea of FREEDOM. I agree that every human has the right to be free in every aspect but it must also be not forgotten that too much freedom can lead to self-destruction. Absolute freedom is what animals have--no rules, no restrictions! If you really want freedom then the biggest obstacle is religion and second to that is your daily life routine. Look at these Americans, imprisoned in their own life's routine. Working like machines. They are caged in their jobs. And then they think it’s the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS…They have ruined their nation with the idea of freedom. Freedom and discipline never go together. One must be taken away to allow the other. Partial freedom is understandable but absolute freedom just means chaos. and that is exactly what America is going through.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I was just thinking about my brothers. I mean, I do sometimes hate them but thats what siblings are all about. Us three brothers are the best combination ever. We are the strength of the family. My elder brother is THE LEADER and THE RESPONSIBLE. I am the INTELECTUAL NERD. While the youngest one is the one who LISTENS TO HIS HEART. That does sound like some superhero group but I would call it the GANG, hahahah. We strengthen each other. I would die for them and they would die for me. I AM SURE OF THAT!
I would prefer having a painful death than to see my family and brothers in pain. I am not scared of death but I am scared for my brothers. If ever anything happens to them, I will topple the whole world. yeah, I know I sound like some philosophical, dumb superhero but that is how I think. I can see the future and what we will become. I can see and I am not planning to share that even with my pen and trusted diary. Its something between me and my brothers which I cannot even reveal to my loyal, secret diary and pen!


Monday, December 8, 2008


Yet another bomb blast! WHY?

I woke up this Sunday morning with a really bad dream about my loved ones dying. It surely was disturbing. I woke up at 7.30 am and called home. We talked about my life in America and the weather and my busy life here. I felt relaxed after that 15-minute call. We left for church at 8.30 am and the day proceeded normally. An Indian lady in church came to me and said SHEHROZ, IS YOUR FAMILY SAFE? THERE WAS A BOMB BLAST IN PESHAWAR. I said I TALKED TO THEM THIS MORNING AND THEY DIDNT TELL ME ANYTHING BUT THEY ARE ALL FINE. I thought this blast was another of those small fireworks common in my city. I was wrong. Out of curiosity and a desire to have some news of my city, I checked online news. GROUND SLIPPED FROM BENEATH MY FEET! The blast was on a Shiite Mosque of my village. A hotel owned bu my village was also affected. MY BELOVED ONES HAD INDEED DIED! My dream flashed before my eyes and my eyes got cloudy. I could just see innocent people burning, blood and unrest! I could feel my body fill up with acid and corroding me from inside. I WAS CRYING AND ANGRY AND SORRY AT THE SAME TIME. Now, another blast will take place soon because this is how my foolish land works: REVENGE!

A day before Eid. A day before poor will be fed and clothed. A day before everyone would smile and laugh and meet friends and relatives. A day before sheeps, goats and cows would be sacrificed. A day before joy, MY people have to see blood and sacrifice of their loved ones. For how long will this carry on? HOW FAR? HOW MUCH? I have seen so much blood, heard so many loud bomb blasts and have felt the experience of being the son of a person who survived two bomb blasts that my heart has become harder and my emotions are drying up. I can sleep in any noise, can see any blood and flesh and feel any sense of fear and danger that no other can do. My mind right now is full of some really depressing scenes that I think I am living a dream.

I fee so paralyzed right now because I can do nothing for my country. I am young, inexperienced and powerless yet full of determination and anger! ALLAH SAVE MY COUNTRY and ALLAH SAVE MY PEOPLE FROM SELF-DESTRUCTION!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Eid-a time of fun, joy and EIDI...
Oh, how much I miss fighting with the elders and arguing to give us more eidi. How much i miss just diving into the dining table and creating a mountain of food on my plate. How much I miss killing myself by eating all those sweet dishes and bowls after bowls of Kheer. How much I miss the over-crowded roads of Peshawar and people swearing at each other in Pushto. How much I miss the bright lights of Qissa Khwaani Bazaar, City Towers and the Chaand Raat at PC. How much I miss having fun!
My idea of Eid is not going to school and giving two tests. Its not at all getting tonnes of homework and sitting all day trying to nail them. Its not at all sitting all day and recalling memories with moist eyes.
I will go back one day and ask Pakistan, "Did you miss me? I missed you alot!"

Monday, September 29, 2008

Friendless and lonely in an alien land, I struggle hard to survive. Everything is so different; so expected yet it got me. I thought I was hard and strong, but I am not. You can truly realize your inner strength only when you go through tough and difficult times. I miss my family, I miss my friends. I have a family here and I have some friends here, but I cannot talk my heart to them. I cannot explain my feelings and thoughts to them. My family misses me and cries when they talk to me. I do not cry. I want to but I don’t. This is the most difficult thing in the world; to not to cry when you are seriously hurting inside. I do not cry because I don’t want others to cry. I put on a smile to conceal my true misery and no one is around me to understand my true inside feelings. No friends. No family members. I am lonely. Miserable. Exhausted. Shocked. Confused.
I have been out of touch with some of my dearest friends who are on the same piece of land but miles apart. They call me, as honest and loyal friends do. But I am ashamed to say that in last two months I never called them. What is happening to me? Am I becoming selfish? Is this new land changing me? Or is it just one of those times in my life when I don’t have time to even contact my friends and family? Whatever it is, I am ashamed. highly ashamed.
I miss my friends. The true and loyal friends. During these days I have got some worse shocks of my life. My friends back home forsake me. Left me when I needed them most. Left me when I truly was alone. Left me even when I never left them in their difficult time. But the friends i made in last four months turned out to be humans. loyal friends indeed.
I am truly lonely. Miserable. Shocked. Confused.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Love Pakistan

I love Pakistan but I hate everything in it. I hate the government and I hate the people for electing such a government. I hate the WAPDA and KESC and I hate the people running it. I hate the mobile companies and I hate it when I have to make an urgent call and there is no service. I love Pakistan a lot but partly due to our ignorance and negligence we have pushed it towards destruction. I am just another frustrated Pakistani looking forward to get myself heard and that is why I have decided to pen everything that comes to my mind.
Let us start with our government. Everyone scream a lot when injustice is done to them by the government but no one acts. In every discussion we do not forget to abuse the government but has anyone really stood up to defend himself? NO ONE! We talk and talk and talk but practically do nothing. We have elected them and we can easily fight them too if only we unite. But NO! We are just a bunch of ignorant fools who sit around and think that some savior will fall from the sky and save us. Now, we elected such a useless government ourselves. Just look at them! People are dying here and they are busy bringing back the judges and removing the president. When a poor laborer dies of hunger and thirst no one notices. No one cares. But when a useless politician gets slapped the whole media show it twenty-four hours as if he has been continuously slapped thousand times. What is this? A game that which news channel shows it the most and from a better angle? Now, why the heck are politicians craving to depose the president? Can’t you guys just first solve the country’s problems and then get on with your personal grudges? A poor farmer gives a damn about who rules the country. He just wants clothes, shelter and food. Nothing else. No industries. No politics. No foreign affairs. No media.
Then comes our beautiful country’s energy crisis. Pakistan was born 60 years ago and still it can’t stand on its own feet. Whose fault is it? Our leaders? Na! It’s our fault for choosing such people to be our leaders. Our country has everything it needs to compete with any other nation; it just lacks good leaders and unity. Some people say that this entire energy crisis is due industrial growth. Why couldn’t they think of it before that every new factory will need extra energy? They do act worse than idiots! I damn care about new industries when there is no light in hot summers with my O’level exams going on. At night, I would sit with four torches and try studying with blood-thirsty mosquitoes constantly buzzing around my ears. I felt like blowing up WAPDA, KESC and National Assembly. I still can’t imagine how I stopped myself from committing suicide. Even if one extra light in every army house and government building is turned off I think 40% of the energy crisis can be solved. The rest we can beg from other countries like we always did. It’s a common thing for Pakistan to beg from other countries because it is surviving only on the shoulders of other nations who use and exploit Pakistan and further weaken its legs.
Now let’s talk about lack of quality check and control in our country. Take example of mobile companies. I was stuck in the middle of nowhere and guess what, MY MOBILE WAS WORKING! Isn’t that amazing? NO! I tried calling my parents mobile and the irritating voice of a girl (The number who have dialed is not available please try later) aggravated my anger. My parents had their mobile with them all the time in the middle of a busy city where all comforts of life should have been easily available. But to my BAD LUCK there was some technical fault and there area was not receiving mobile service. Why would I want a mobile with network coverage throughout Pakistan when it doesn’t even work properly in my own big city? One more thing, why is it that whenever I call someone I am charged double than whatever should be charged? Thanks to all those increase in taxes of thousand kinds! I wonder where all that tax money goes? I know the answer but I still wonder. Furthermore, a few days back I went to an army shop and bought some groceries for my home. Later, I found out that a common general store was selling stuff at cheaper rates then that army shop. Where should I go to get justice? Judges are busy shouting about the so-called injustice done to them. I think they deserved it all!
God save us. And God save Pakistan!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fable of a King Forgotten

Now I can peacefully die
And in my grave comfortably lie
‘Cause in this world I did my part
With all my might and all my heart
I helped the poor and the needy
Fought the tyrants and the greedy
I learned a lot and taught a lot
Every battle I bravely fought
No power could oppose my sword
No speech could overpower/subdue my word
I brought peace and justice
And everywhere prevailed prosperity and happiness
What more could one nation ask?
I faced and accomplished every task
But the Angel of Death rebuked me
Because I had neglected my family
Oh no! How could that be?
Alas! I cannot die peacefully
Angel of Death please grant me one more day
I’ll be indebted of you may
I know I am being selfish
But before death it is my last wish
I want to kiss and hug them
And to express that I love them
Won’t you grant the wish of a dying man?
Will you let all my deeds and hard work go in vain?
The Angel said: I can’t give you one more day!
‘Cause in this matter I don’t have any say
It is God’s will and wish
That your name perish
From the heart of your family
It is God’s plan!
So, let it be!