Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No Comments

Learn to say "No comments." I swear it is the best phrase in the whole realm of English language. From awkward situations to sensitive remarks, it will save you and help you avoid the muddy pond of all that is bad. 

No Comments FTW.

Heaven's Garden

From behind the glazed glass, I could see heaven.

It all started with a breeze: a light caressing breeze that tickled all the plants and trees in the garden outside the window. Slowly and gradually the breeze turned into a chilly wind and enveloped everything green in the garden. The branches shivered and the leaves fluttered like green butterflies. The garden reflected all hues of green and gold and projected the shim shim shim sound of the dancing plants and waving grass.

Then nature added another sound to it's music. The tip tip tip of the rain and then the drum of a thunder. The drops slowly slid down the leaves as if whispering a quick message from the sky to the leaves. The colds parted a little to let some sunlight through which turned every wet green leaf into a golden flake.

Beauty was at it's zenith! Heaven had descended upon Earth. I was home.