Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Estupidos Americanos

I am hundred percent convinced that the whole world is smarter than these Americans. I have seen their country and I have closely observed their system. The biggest flaw in their system is the idea of FREEDOM. I agree that every human has the right to be free in every aspect but it must also be not forgotten that too much freedom can lead to self-destruction. Absolute freedom is what animals have--no rules, no restrictions! If you really want freedom then the biggest obstacle is religion and second to that is your daily life routine. Look at these Americans, imprisoned in their own life's routine. Working like machines. They are caged in their jobs. And then they think it’s the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS…They have ruined their nation with the idea of freedom. Freedom and discipline never go together. One must be taken away to allow the other. Partial freedom is understandable but absolute freedom just means chaos. and that is exactly what America is going through.


  1. I highly agree but where is the freedom for exchange students? No cell phones, no internet, no driving, curfews and so on.. :O

    Some of the rules make sense but others are just stupid.

  2. @Komal.

    What do you mean ... do you guys have restriction?

    Why so?

  3. @Uni

    Some of the families have really crappy rules, otherwise we are pretty much free. Sometimes these freaking rules get on nerves and spoil the fun. Also, increase nostalgia but you know, life is all about sacrifices and compromises.

  4. Er... explain a leetle bit more. What exchange students ? What does that mean..and where are your own families?

  5. Exchange students are selected from over 70 countries to represent their respective cultures in United States. They come here in the U.S and study for one academic year in high schools. According to the program rules, we stay with American families, called "host families", who volunteer to keep students with them to experience a different culture etc.

    We are here on 100% scholarship for just one year and our families are in Pakistan sahi salamat:)

  6. Thank you for your comments

    and thank you komal for clearly explaining everything!