Wednesday, June 3, 2009

No More The Same!

It is time to go back home and all the images come back. My room, my shelf, my closet, Ammi on the bed with her round, golden glasses and Daddy on his rocking chair with eyes fixed on T.V. The images! Glimpses of my past life! My actual life! It won't be the same again! Never!

Now I know how a soldier feels like when he returns home. Now I know how a mother feels like seeing his child after bearing him for nine months. Now I know! Now I know alot of things. More than anyone. I have changed. Changed so much that nothing will be the same again. Never!

I have realized alot and seen alot. I have experienced alot and felt alot. I have seen both sides of the story, the inside and outside of a stone. I had lived inside a stone and always wondered how the outside was. Now I know. Not inside anymore. Things have changed. Nothing will be the same again. Never!


  1. Hey dude, I hope the outside was as good as you thoight it'd be. The grass is green, but you still have grass in Pakistan! (or so I've heard) I hate not having you here to joke with. I never realized what an awesome friend you were until you left, and that makes me really mad at myself. I can't wait for you and I to meet up again in your home! :) Wherever your heart leads you, never forget You'll always have a friend and home in America!

  2. Luke, Thank you so much. I am wordless! Speechless! And Emotional.