Monday, August 3, 2009

The same Moon!

Sometimes, a random surge of philosophy races through yor mind and it just doesn't make sense. Well, for me this is quite often. But all this made sense to me after a while and may not make sense to you since it was something hidden deep in my heart and I had to let it out somehow so it came out in a concealed coded message! Think deeply over the following:

It is funny how some people think this moon is such a romantic object. I thought so too and had so many romantic nights just sitting under it and staring at it.

Then it is funny how you hate and blame everything when you are angry. I was angry that day and I blamed this same moon for a lot of things. But then I saw that there is a lot more to this whole shebang.

This same moon watches over the lovers of the night. But this same moon also watches over the hungry and poor of the dark, the forgotten.

This same moon watches over a baby sleeping in his craddle. But this same moon also watches over the homeless and the sick, the forgotten.

This moon watches over the lush green valleys full of life. But this moon also watches over the dead deserts, craving for for life, the forgotten.

This moon watches over all the things we know. But this moon aslo watches over all the things we forget, THE FORGOTTEN!

When the whole world is asleep and forgets that life has two sides, the good and the bad, this same moon is awake watching over what we forget! This moon is not like us humans that it forgets. We are a flawed creatures and we forget. One day we will oursleves become the FORGOTTEN and then even the moon will close its eyes on us!


  1. We forget...thats the problem...we dont care...that is the problem...we are asleep...that is the problem!

  2. I was having one of those 'philosophical' moments the other day.

    It all started when I saw two poor young boys fighting over a 20Rs. note.

    I was shocked when I realized that these two boys were fighting over such a comparatively small amount of money... money that could barely buy a bottle of clean water.

    And bang! This post of yours came to mind.

    I posed this question to Abu the other: Why there is so much human misery in the world, despite God being Rehmaan, Raheem, Khalik and Malik?

    Abu simply gave me a look and told me that it is just one of life's greatest questions whose answer is to be found by yourself.

    I haven't found the answer. But I'm told Buddha did. So looking into that these days.

    This is a good read btw:

  3. @WAISYbabu

    Thanks alot for the was indeed a good read! and did give my mind a path to follow while trying to find the answer...

    Thanks alot for remembering my post because this means alot to me.

    While talking to one of my friends i did come up to a my new post for that...
    Gid made us Perfect...Its us who screwed it up...US HUMANS ARE THE REASON FOR ALL THE MISERY...