Monday, November 30, 2009

Who Am I?

Another surge of random philosophy which no one would understand!

Who am I?

I am the eye that searches for the unknown. The lost.
I am the lips that speak the secrets. The untold.
I am the soul that is trapped, craving for freedom. The imprisoned.

And you still ask me who I am?


  1. You are the eye that searches for the unknown, searching even though you know that you are surrounded by it. Your lips speak the untold secrets, but you know that you tell the secrets of millions. You are the soul that is trapped and craving freedom because you have empathy, the true mark of a genuine person. I would never ask who you are because you are Ozzy. There's nobody better in this world. There is nobody better to be the seeker of the lost, holder of the unknown, and brother of the imprisoned.

  2. are just awesome!!!!
    the way you put it, just turned the table around from pessimism to optimism!

  3. hahaha Thanks. It's not hard to understand your writing when I understand you...or at least thing I do, huh?

    And on the other hand, your writing was not pessimistic. It wasn't optomistic either. To me, it more questioned humanity than you as an individual. Not that I'm here to define your writing, but that's what I got out of it. Maybe that's because you're the best dude around and if everyone was like you, there'd be no need for questions.

    P.S. Who says that this is Luke?? hahaha

  4. You are a genius Luke!

    and yeah fuck you Homo...i know its you! Luke!

  5. Hahaha FAR FROM IT! We both know that's not true. I just reeealy like your writing, so it's easier for me to understand. Plus, we think a lot alike. You know that. We come from different places but have the same thoughts.

    And fuck you! It's not Luke! Who is this Luke kid you keep talking about? I'm so confused! I'm from Pakistan, I don't know anyone named Luke.

  6. yeah rrrright!

    and dude you should start a blog! like right now! and write about your experinces with the outside world! you are a unique american who has been exposed to the world unlike many!

  7. Dude, you know that I am not writing a blog! I'll reserve that for people with actual writing talent... Then I don't become another talentless blogger. hahaha There's enough of them already!