Tuesday, January 11, 2011

That Hot Shower…


There is something about that hot water stream splashing on your head that gets you all thinking; thoughts about life and death, love and hate, past, present and future flow into your veins as if they are a part of your rushing blood. Thoughts become Blood. It is funny how hot shower is the source of many of my essays and speeches and realizations. A billion questions spring up in the shower.

Today, in the shower I reflected upon my past and present. I reflected upon all that had happened to me in my more than 18 years of life. And at everything that happened to me I would ask these questions: Why Me? What if?


  1. 'Why me?'
    :) I wish that we were ever able to actually analyze, rationally and with full information, how things actually work out. As it is, though, we just hurtle from one thing to another, trying our best but knowing so little. :)

  2. You are right. We would never know what every one of us wants to know-the mysterious questions.
    Things work out in Strange and alien ways. Sigh.

    Thanks :-)