Thursday, June 16, 2011

People Judge People


A few minutes ago, something happened that has added to my already heavy conscience. I saw a bunch of people in authority gang up on a single person for something he did a day ago and I never spoke a word. What he did was wrong! AGREED.

It is funny how a bunch of over-hyper attention seekers can successfully market their own opinion. It is funnier how even wise people fall for this trap and believe on rumors with no objective evidence. HOW UNJUST!The funniest part is that these people in authority think that they know everything but in fact they are just a toy to be played around with.

I am not taking sides because I never do, all I ask from this world is this: STOP BEING JUDGEMENTAL FOR GOD’S SAKE! You cannot imagine how many hearts you have broken just because you misunderstood the whole scenario thanks to your ignorance. I never judge till I have equally heard both sides of the story, but people in this world do not do that! What a beautiful world we live in. Thank you very much. Please, get lost!


  1. People form their opinions so quick that .. !
    People are sick owing to their emotional close-minded character
    You're so right Ozzy ..

  2. Thanks for dropping by Haya and Shaan :-)

  3. you know, it's always easy to judge people based on whatever you hear first. finding out both sides of the story to form a proper opinion/judgment is what takes extra effort, which is why most people are the super and unfair-judgmental type. for them, it's like the first impression is the last impression.
    i like your blog! :D

  4. Thanks Furree Katt for dropping by. I so agree with you! people need a life :-)
    and thanks for the comment :-)