Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Deceiving Smile

(I apologize for my very long absence. I was/am very busy in some important life changing factors. Wish me luck.)

Yesterday, I attended a wedding. I saw many people smiling. A smile-such a beautiful phenomenon.
However, this "smile" is a very powerful thing.

A smile can hide many sorrows. A smile can hide many tensions and depressions. A smile can hide hatred and jealousy.
Above all, a smile can hide HYPOCRISY.

A wedding full of  smiles. A wedding full of hypocrites. Amazing.


  1. I laughed at the last line xD Weddings can be happy, but they can also be sad. A smile truly is a powerful thing.

  2. lol..well if life gives you a chance to enjoy who cares what is behind that,but I am glad some people out there are keen observers on such minute issues as well..
    life changing factors?mind telling?best of luck with what ever you do ..

  3. I agree with you Areesha...

    Maham, I wish I could see some genuine smiles on an every day basis...I see that rarely...

    Working on College apps :-) life changing :-P

  4. indeed it is =) something without a price tag and an ultimate remedy in many cases