Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I be so K3wL because I be smoking Sheesha at the elite cafe of Islamabad.

Sheesha came and brought with it the much awaited revolution. You do not need to attend any Jalsa for that, just smoke sheesha. Cough Cough.

I have had the opportunity to spend time in all the major cities of Pakistan. One thing that was common everywhere were Sheesha lounges filled with teenagers. They sit and chat and smoke their way into the night. That is so cool! NOT. Every teenager spends around 200 to 500 rupees during a single Sheesha session. Have you ever wondered how many people can be fed with the same amount of money? Ah well, how would you know because you have never really peeked out your window and witnessed a person carrying heavy bricks on his shoulders for a hundred rupees to feed his family of eight. Trust me and try thinking about how much money you waste on such useless activities. Trust me further and try giving a 100 rupee note to a random beggar and see how you feel. You will feel better than what you feel while smoking Sheesha. It's the expressions of surprise when they see the note which gives me a head-rush. This act of giving often intoxicates and eventually becomes addictive. Believe me, this addiction is way better than ANY other addiction you know about. 

I will not talk about the health issues associated with Sheesha because I am a sheesh a smoker too. My main aim is to make you realize how much time and money you waste in such an activity. Imagine how many books you would have finished reading if you had read instead of wasting time in a lounge. Imagine how many community service projects you could have implemented if you had actually used that time to plan a project to help the unfortunate members of our society. Moreover, think about the money you would have saved. In short, all the Sheesha smokers are idiots. Sorry to pop the bubble but you have been a useless citizen of Pakistan and you need to wake up for an actual revolution. Just by sitting and talking about the deteriorating conditions of Pakistan while making smoke-circles will only make things worse. Furthermore, just by attending a single Jalsa will also do you no good. I have noticed how attending Jalsas and smoking Sheesa has become more of a fashion statement in Pakistan. Please grow up Pakistanis. Stop destroying yourself.

(PS: I still smoke Sheesha. But at the same time, I give charity as well to balance the whole scenario)


  1. u cant convince anyone that way. i mean honestly. when u say u dint give up on smoking rie? all the written stuff goes in vain. people will go on smoking it and wont remember a single word written in here. be more precise. first do it urself. then tell others why ure doin it
    regards, :)

    1. haha, thanks for the feedback. you are right and I agree with you. I havent smoked sheesha for past 2 months.

      just didnt want to sound hypocritical thats why i told the world the truth

  2. Another problem for our teenagers indeed ...
    But yah i ll give the credit this time to the Government officials that they have put a ban on the sheesha lounge in Peshawar that was a perfect attraction for the teens.
    Hope the ban remains there and it does not open again .

  3. I love this :p I'm a sheeeshaholic and to be honest if some one who doesnt smoke sheesha wrote this I wouldn't give all of this stuff a second thought... I'd think since they don't smoke it themselves they Can't really relate to it ...n like u can have fun smoking sheesha but what would that person no since they don't smoke it n for sheeshaholics its a bit different since they kinda crave it n all but I think the main msg we get here is u don't have to quit smoking it since no one really will but reslise that there is a whole big world outside sheesha cafes that our Pakistani youth has forgotten about n once they realise that they'll understand what there wasting there money on n how shallow they have been n cut smoking sheesha down a bit n use their money n their time somewhere more useful