Thursday, March 7, 2013


Dear Humans of the World,

Sacrifice is an interesting concept. It is astonishing to see how mothers would sacrifice for their children or how lovers would sacrifice for each other. I believe that all our sacrifices should be for humanity. We should learn to be less selfish and more focused towards advancing humanity as a whole towards betterment. If you sacrifice your desires to steal, then your are not snatching the rights of someone else. If you sacrifice the urge to waste money on sex, drugs and alcohol, then these elements that degenerate a society will slowly diminish resulting in a healthier society. If you sacrifice your habit of playing with the emotions of someone else, then you will not make anyone depressed or ruin someone's life. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a lot of things for the betterment of humanity. My father sacrificed his life for the security of his people. My family sacrificed their dreams and hopes for the betterment of those same people. Imam Hussain AS sacrificed himself to protect the religion. Soldiers sacrifice everything every day for the safety of their country.

Dear people, learn to sacrifice and take humanity to a higher level of discipline and happiness.


  1. I wish more people would understand this!

    1. I wish so too. I guess we have to make them understand.

  2. very true infact i think sacrifice is the other name of happy,healthy and good life.its only and only ur sacrifice that takes you to the heights of success,so we should all must learn this great fact,may our ALLAH help us all in learning this great fact,i really love ur post sir