Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Homesick…Pakistan I miss you! Do you miss me?

For past few days I have been homesick more than ever. I miss my grandparents and parents more than ever. No matter how bad or dangerous my land is, there is nothing better than its hard ground. I would rather tragically blow up into pieces than to live a long life away from Pakistan. My Land, My People, My Home. I was born there and there I shall rejoin with dust. I shall die on it and for it! I have seen and experienced and felt things that no one can understand. I do not want to live a cowardly life like a machine; a life in which you do not even have time for your family and friends. Americans wake up in the morning, eat and go to work. Then come back, eat and work. Then go to sleep. Is this Life? What is the use of earning all that extra salary and getting all those services when you do not know how to enjoy! These people neither live for themselves nor for God. While Pakistanis either live for themselves or for God which makes my land so colorful and lively! People would still leave their homes to go to a mosque even if a rocket dropped a few meters from it. They would still go shopping even if the mall was bombed many times. They would still celebrate independence even though streets are not safe. They would still eat outside even if they know that the food is unhygienic. They would still put all the food in front of their guests even if they know that they won’t have food for the next day. THIS IS PAKISTAN! AND THESE ARE ITS PEOPLE!

Proud to be a Pakistani even though patriotism was never taught in my school (as it is taught in American schools)


  1. Hope you overcome your homesickness soon.
    And you know what..after reading what you wrote I got tears in my eyes (tough didn't cried)..very true what you said..Pakistan surely rocks!!!

  2. Nice post :) :)

    .... Made me feel good about my country...lately some things haven't really lead me to have a high opinion of Pakistan :S..courtesy its dear leaders. But you are very right.

    The land..and it's people :)..thats what Pakistan IS...

    Good one!

  3. I miss pakistan to your right americans only do that what you said there's more than that in pakistan it's color i love everything about it i miss it so much i woke up in the morning at 4:00 AM and started crying and thinking about pakistan

  4. Hey, Thanks for the comment.

    Pakistan is all that matters to us since it gives us an identity.

    For how long have you been living away from Pakistan?
    DOnt cry for you will come back someday :-)

  5. I miss Pakistan with all my heart, I believe we don't have more freedom anywhere in the world how we have in Pakistan. Pakistan is the land I was born in ,and I will die for!.
    Death to Taliban and all terrorists who are trying to destabilize our country!
    Love you Pakistan with all my heart
    mera watan meri jaan!

  6. Our country is so special that the whole world is conspiring to destroy it. The world knows its true value but we fail to undertsand Pakistan's value even though we are Pakistanis.