Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Depressing? Garbage?

Someone told me that I only write depressing stuff in my blog! Well, I cannot help it. The olden golden days of pen and paper are gone when people would write even under the moonlight. I still cannot write unless I have a pen in my hand and a paper beneath it and thousands of thoughts running like a stream in my head. But when I sit down on the computer, my thoughts just vanish! I feel like an idiot with my hands on the keyboard. This frustration turns into anger and in turn the anger makes me write depressing stuff that further angers me! Moreover, I have lost my flow of writing since August... Where has my creativity gone? Where has my philosophically beautiful phrases vanished? I know where! In the dark realm of technology!

You see again I started writing rubbish! GARBAGE GARBAGE GARBAGE!

Those people who know me, they know that I am too lazy...Too lazy to even type my written stuff on computer. And some of those people even know that I do not like to share my written material. Its just that I prefer to keep my thoughts to myself! As half of the time they are completely absurd!

See, garbage again!

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