Monday, April 20, 2009

Son of Adam Vs. God

I was sitting among the unbelievers. Unbelievers everywhere I looked. Their was a lot of show and drama going on. They were singing and called it WORSHIP but I knew what it actually meant to worship! I was still steadfast to my belief but the Devil kept whispering into my ear! He kept telling me to listen to him.

BUT...on my right ear I heard a voice of God Himself! The most sweet sound I have ever heard! The voice was enough to bring tears in my eyes and to make my faith stronger.

Oh Son of Adam, you asked me to tell you what is right! I told you what is wrong! See what is going around you and think what is wrong. I created you but would you turn away from them the way they did? I crafted you with my own hands which is more difficult than the way an artist makes a sculptor and I love you more than the way a mother loves her child after bearing him for nine months. I took care of you every moment since I made you. You asked me for a car and I gave you a job. You asked me for help and I gave you a friend. You asked me for satisfaction and I gave you family. You asked me for love and I gave you children. You asked me for better jobs and I gave you better education. You asked me for protection and I gave you mother. You asked me for blessings and I gave you a father. You asked me for strength against you renemies, I put you with strong enemies so that you may become stronger You asked for food and I gave you rain. You are fortunate and many are not. Thus, in this time of test will you forsake me? Will you deny the shadow of my hand over your head and start singing and crying like these ignorants who think I would like to be worshipped with music and songs. I only like to be worshipped from within your hearts and not from your mouth with a devil's tongue!


  1. This Post of Yours is truly Touchy .. !
    I wonder why The unbelievers cant hear the Voice of God - Either they are star-crossed enough Or we are alot Lucky :)

  2. Thanks for dropping by!

    I wonder the same :-)