Tuesday, January 5, 2010

That Morning and That Gun!

As I leave the house front door one early morning, I can feel the
chilly wetness of the morning breeze on my cheeks. I hang the two shot-guns on my shoulder and step into the SUV. There is nothing more exciting than some serious, adventurous fun. There is nothing like hunting. Hunting not humans but animals.

It is said that like a woman's jewelry, a Pathan man's jewelry is
his gun or sword. And there is nothing more beautiful than a polished, shiny gun. It's beautiful cuts like the muscles of a horse. As you hold it in your hands, it fits in your palms like the reins of a horse and gives a sudden rush of unexplainable energy. You feel powerful. You feel wild.

A gun is not for every commoner. Not many people can cope with the
energy a gun provides and cannot handle the tremendous amount of that energy and thus lose their marbles. They go crazy.


  1. There is more to pathans ;) If you know what I mean :p

    PS:- Awesome blog template. All of a sudden, you have begun to blog so often :] Cool beans!


  2. Komal....you gotta tell me your blog otherwise ill come and shoot you!

    and it was just that i was bored and decided to update and upgrade hahah

  3. I wouldn't hurt an animal. Seriously. They have a family too you know! :P

  4. HAHAHAHA...its their fate...and our sport!