Sunday, August 15, 2010


History is not a collection of facts but just a collection of opinions and perspectives. It may be opinions of just one side only or can be of both sides. We cannot ignore the fact that there will always be a certain level of “Historian Bias” or “Ruling-Class Effect” sometimes evident and sometimes concealed in these Pages of History!

(Now consider again the whole history of nations and religions.)


  1. can it never be a collection of facts?

  2. Accroding to me, its not! History is written by humans and human can show biasness even if they try not to. Plus, its is very possible that the government is actually involved in CENSORING every bit of historical information for their own good and gain!

  3. I agree. For example, a historian is able to show bias in which facts he chooses to include or not include, for nobody can ever include every detail. He also has the power of words. For example, the phrase "Hitler Massacred the Jewish people" holds a much larger initial negative connotation than "Hitler killed the Jewish people" without any additional facts to support the statement.

    This is the good and bad thing about history. As with everything in life, one does not know light if he cannot compare it to the dark. When history is written without the influence of media or popular opinion, I believe it to be true and unbiased. It is when history is written from a modern perspective or criticized from a modern point of view that the story becomes more biased. Any bias had in the moment of an event does nothing less than tell us what an individual was feeling at the time and can help us gauge societal tendencies from the period.

    Either way, what's more important than a king's action or a parliament's vote is the feelings of and effects upon the farmer or the shop owner. It is the common people who really matter.

    Sorry I haven't been commenting on anything lately to challenge(or in this case agree) with you. I always read everything, I just haven't had the time your writing deserves for a response. Don't worry though, I'm back! :D

    Keep up the awesome writing!

  4. Luke, I just read this again!
    Thank God you have your own Blog because i was tired of telling you to make one :-P

    and yes i agree with every word you wrote! You are freakin smart!