Friday, August 13, 2010

I Cried…

I cried today! I  admit that I too have a heart that feels and eyes that fill with tears.Yes, I cried today!

The thought of not being able to do something tortures me. YES, when I realized that no matter how much we fundraise and no matter where we will provide relief, in the end it will not be enough. It will never be enough. Soon the whole hype will settle down and people will start forgetting. People always forget. Its a HUMAN TRADEMARK that they forget easily. I know, soon people will stop giving donations and the NGOs will step in and get going with the government-like corruption. Why did God create such an imperfect and selfish creature? And then gave them a weak heart? And then thrust upon them his wrath in the form of earthquakes and floods?

Yes, I cried. When I realized that no matter what I do, it will not make a difference, I cried. When it occurred to me that I am too insignificant and powerless to do something, I cried.

Every moment when I think of doing something grand and great, I feel like I am just building castles in the sky. Maybe all my desires and wishes and dreams are nothing but castles in the sky. Maybe I am just an overgrown kid who still dreams the impossible. I know people go around saying that Nothing is Impossible. But there are some things that are just never possible. Or maybe I just don’t have the strength or the guts or the resources to make them possible. I will never give up on my dreams BUT maybe one day I will grow out of it and live my life just like the rest-monotonous and insignificant! Or maybe I will become the superman of my dreams!


  1. Arghh life sucks for all of us man..and yes we do forget other people's troubles with time..

  2. Dont let the world get ya, that's what it does, it bogs you down...
    drains it out of you.
    Use this as a way of getting stronger and more resilient. that's the antidote.
    Otherwise it'll suck.

  3. Dont cry ..

    Everybody has got a fate ...
    We should be satisfied that atleast we played our part .. But yea still that's never enough ..But that's how life has to go !

    Your Post was awesome .. Really travelled through my heart !

  4. You'll be the superman. :)
    I believe.
    Don't lose yourself in the crap going on...don't let it put you down. Keep going.

  5. Thanks all of you for the encouragement! and trying to lift me up! I appreciate you all dropping by and leaving me a comment!

  6. Dont let IT die. The energy, the vibe, the hope. The human inside you. Don't let it die. Crying is just fine. Just don't be hopeless.

  7. Abdullah Bhai,
    Thanks alot...I am trying...

  8. This was beautifully written.. i agree people have a very bad habit of fogetting.. a trade mark as you called it.. but you know what humanity always lives.. you know when a child falls u help him up but then he has to walk on his own. rest is his own journey.. u cant say that he wont ever faal down but u know next time he wont need anyone to help him up.. I hope the same for the fllod affectees..

  9. I pray the same for flood affectees too.
    Thanks once again for commenting. Your thoughts are very interesting!