Monday, December 27, 2010

And I dream on…

Butterflies in my stomach…Its been a very long time since I experienced that. A very long time. The last time must be in my 3rd grade when I had to compete in a debate competition and I was shit scared. I have come a long way since then. The butterflies in my stomach died long ago except for a couple who would occasionally flutter their wings on certain events like standing on stage or waiting for my result or leaving for USA or falling in love. But never did they flutter again in a massive number in my stomach like that 3rd grade debate competition long ago.

But all of a sudden those many dead butterflies have found life again and their wings have increased in span.Yes, they flutter again. They flutter like crazy. Butterflies in my stomach.

I had always dreamed big. I had always dreamed far. I had always written down on my every notebook’s first page the following phrase: I aim high to reach not only the sky but go beyond!

I GOT INTO OXFORD. Yes, I took a huge leap and I am quite close to my ultimate goal. My ultimate aim of life is somewhat a secret even to me. I even do not know what I will eventually become but I do know that my ultimate target is to be someone so great that pages of history will be proud to have me in its pages. Yes, I am a dreamer. I dream on. I dream that one day I will accomplish my deeply childish dreams…Yes, I dream on like a small child…

With butterflies in my stomach, I dream on…


  1. Dreams is all we have to keep it going. I know the feeling. Good luck, bro.

  2. Thanks Alot Arslan. Dreams have become the only thing that seem real these days!