Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fate? Or something like it?


Fate works in strange ways. It closes a billion doors on you but opens one huge door better than all the combined closed doors. I have always believed in a somewhat very complicated theory of Fate devised by me. I always believed some part of our Fate was in our own hands. But parts are completely out of our hands. I would not go into that but I will tell you how fate “PLAYED” with my life and then gave me a huge compensation. Gave me something better or more like GAVE ME THE BEST!

My dream was to go to MIT. I had a perfect profile. I had everything I needed to get into MIT. EVERYTHING. Except for one thing: SAT score. I was always successful in everything that I did. I thought I was invincible. I thought I would win it straight and clean once again this time. But like I said: Fate works in strange ways. I got a pathetic SAT score. My dreams crashed and burned. I was devastated. Depressed. Suicidal. My first failure, my first fall from the horse, my first eye-opener hurt more than anything. I heard somewhere that DEATH is very painful. I felt the pain equal to DEATH.

Fate works in strange ways my friends. Before my SAT, I was “forced” to apply to UK universities including University of Oxford. I applied but I knew that Oxford was an impossible dream so I never paid attention to it. I always focused on MIT. But now MIT had to wait till I get back on the horse and try again. I did not even feel like getting back on the horse. I felt miserable. In immense Pain. But something happened and my life changed again. I fell once but I was lifted up so high that I could never imagine that! I thought flying so high would be impossible but my Acceptance from University of Oxford took me all the way to Cloud 9 and BEYOND! Yes, I AM GOING TO OXFORD. “THE OXFORD!”

I am one of the 6 lucky students Brasenose College of Oxford University accepts every year to study Electrical Engineering.



  1. :)
    Good luck and God bless.

    PS:- Why is this post labeled under religion?

  2. Congratulations!!
    And good luck for the future :)

  3. "Closed eyes"
    This is because I connect FATE with Religion.
    Thanks alot :-)

    Thanks Maria and Thanks for Dropping By...

  4. I was just waiting for this post from you :-) ..
    Congroolations ..and best of luck!

    What was your SAT score btw ? :P

  5. I wanna say I knew it all along..:p

    Much love and luck :-)

  6. Thanks alot Shaan...Oxford doesnt require SAT...
    Thanks alot buddy :-)

    Awwww baakh, :-)
    to you too :-)