Sunday, July 29, 2012

Random Realization no. 1: Parents

Past few months have brought about a series of random realizations that are too obvious yet mostly ignored. 

Parents are an extremely crucial part of our lives. They raise us, feed us, cloth us, love us, protect us, rebuke us, restrict us, and leave us all alone when they pass away. Yes, one day they will leave us. So do not waste this time and value them. They are precious! I have always loved my parents and grandparents but I just realized that I never loved them enough. I need to love them more. And now I do. When majority of my friends and colleagues left me all alone, my family stood by me. Society forsook me, my family embraced me. People forgot me, family celebrated me. When every selfish soul went away on their own path while leaving me on the roadside, my family held me and walked me to safety. Friends were always busy but my family always had time. If I give them time, they will always give me time as well.

Our parents bring us into this world and focus their attention towards us. They strive to give us a better future and sacrifice to give us comfort. Sometimes they fail to do some of that, but then it's not their fault. As humans, they were not strong enough. We should not blame them or fight them for their failure. Instead we should stand by them and face that failure together. They would do the same for your failure as well. Love them. I repeat, love them! 

The modern society persuades us to be independent and selfish. The problem is that our parents will suffer the most as a consequence. Were they selfish when you were just a small baby crying day and night? No. Then why should you be selfish when they are old and cranky? Our life should revolve around them just like their life revolved around us when we were infants and toddlers. You can have all the independence you want once these parents have passed away. Then you will miss them. You will regret not giving them enough time. You will despise yourself for fighting them. You will abhor your being for arguing with them. You will consider yourself a monster for not respecting them.

Go ahead, and give time to your family, specially your parents. You are very lucky if you have them. Some unfortunate souls lose their parents very early in life, so be grateful that you are not one of them. Friends social, novels, Facebook, games can wait, but your parents have a limited life. Learn from them but also teach them just like they taught you. Protect and comfort them. Hug them and tell them you love them. Kiss them and tell them they are precious. Do it now, before it's too late.



  1. its really nice..

  2. A Good sense of realization . Good work .
    Talking about the independence , in my view self independence is not a bad thing . Actually it is a great help to the parents ,like if a child is self independent he will do his own stuff by himself and the parents will not have to worry much and giving that feeling of relief to the parents is a sign of love in itself .