Saturday, November 24, 2012

The waves...of thoughts and sanity

So many days have gone by in a flash. I have met new people, I miss the old ones. I have experienced new things, yet I miss my old life. People talk about living in the present; others talk about looking towards the future. Yet...I keep looking towards the past. The beautiful past. The wonderful past. And the people in there. People tell me to learn from the past and move on, but how should I tell them that I learnt from my past when it was present and I cherish those lessons. But of all the things from the past, I miss one person. My mentor. His picture still sits on my desk and we converse in my dreams. His lessons still circulate in my mind and his voice still echoes in the corners of my brain. His voice. I wish I could hear that again. His smile, I wish I could see that again. My past is my sanctuary yet sometimes it haunts me too, not necessarily in a negative way but in a more complicated manner. Time has gone by, new time has come forth, yet I don't know where it is taking me. The uncertainties of life I would call it. Uncertainties are interesting. They keep you tense, they keep you suprised with their mysteries and complexities. They keep you buckled up in your seats, jostling you left and then right and then forward and then backward. It spins your head and gives you a rush no drug can induce. Uncertainties of life, just like in the dreams. The dreams are the same. They are unpredictable, mysterious and paranormal. Then what is reality? If the uncertainties of life and dreams are so similiar, then which do we consider as reality? Am I alive in the dreams or am I alive when I wake up? Or are they both unreal? Or...are they both real?


  1. Recommended reading: The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle. Check it out, would give you perspective.

    1. Will definitely give it a read over the winter break :)

  2. after reading this am missing my grandmaa too <3
    she's the one with whome i share my each and every thing.she guides me, always show me the right paath...