Monday, November 12, 2012

Who is to be blamed?

As I sit in a foreign country and see Pakistan from a third-person's perspective, I ask myself: who is to be blamed? Who is to be blamed for the deterioration of my country? Who should be blamed for the destruction of my land? Who is guilty of the crime of ruining the glory of my home country?  The elite? No. The elite cannot be blamed. The elite will always exploit everything and everyone around them. They will squeeze every atom of every available resource around them for their own advantage. They cannot be blamed for anything as whatever they are doing is in accordance with their basic nature.  The poor? No. They are too helpless and too hopeless even though they are in majority. They are weak and incapable. They cannot be blamed as they are the ones suffering from majority of oppressions and persecutions. They are the ones most affected. It is not their fault. Then? Who should we blame? The whole blame lies on the shoulders of the middle-class society. They are the ones who decide to seal their mouths, blindfold their eyes and shut their ears. See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil?? Bullshit. They are guilty. They have the required resources which poor class do not have. They are capable of the sense of responsibility which the elite do not have. Yet they decide to do nothing. They can read and write and speak and fight, yet they decide to sit at home and do nothing. They pretend to have the helplessness and hopelessness of the poor class and the apathy and immorality of the elite. They pretend and they remain silent. Shame on them. They are guilty.

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