Friday, December 28, 2012

YOU vs. Physics

Physics of the 21st Century will try to persuade you that YOU are not special, that YOU were a product of some chance, that YOU are insignificant compared to the vastness of the universe, that YOU were part of some star-dust and will die to nothingness. Well, in that case, YOU should reply, "F*** YOU PHYSICS!"

No matter what the science or media or latest advancements tell you, remember that your universe is created by your own mind and thoughts. Your universe consists of your perspectives. Do not let any external medium affect your universe. Do not let some guy with a big head and messed up grey hair make you believe that you are not special. You are special and beautiful in your own way. Your thoughts and beliefs and opinions and perspectives combine together to form a unique YOU. Everything unique is beautiful. It is the whole idea of uniqueness that makes this whole world beautiful. YOU are special and only YOU can convince yourself to believe that. SO GET TO WORK!


  1. coming from a future engineer, this is beautiful.

  2. Inspirational! :) Thanks for this.

  3. Physics or the technological advancements in Physics do not tell anyone that he/she is insignificant. That's a tremendous accusation. Maybe that's the way you have interpreted physics in your head, but let me remind you that it is not the case. Physics, with every other science show human beings how awesome it is to be here on this speck of a planet in the vastness of the universe. I for one am totally content being distant stardust because it gives me the feeling of being connected to the ENTIRE universe. Literally. Now that's quite fucking grand.

    I agree with the point made in the second para, though. It's quite fascinating to explore the powers of human perception and the part it plays in the construction on "reality", and pretty much everything that seems to appear in this universe. According to me, human consciousness is one of the most beautifully complex things that have ever existed.