Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Friends?? Where??

The most unfortunate son of Adam is one who does not have a loyal friend. I used to consider myself extremely fortunate! Being surrounded by a swarm of people who loved me like a bee loves his hive. I was always in the limelight, the warm center of attention.The question had always been WHAT WOULD SHEHROZ DO? and WHAT DID SHEHROZ DO? My friends would even give their life for me for they knew that I would give my life for them. But God always has a unique design for everyone. I was not spared!

Since I came here, I have found out how true my friends were to me all my life. They stabbed me right in the heart so many times that my heart is completely numb now. Who to trust? I am no longer what I was in my school in Pakistan. They all turned their faces away from me. ALL OF THEM! Now, I have to go back and I will again be surrounded by people but will I ever be able to trust anyone enough to befriend him/her? This has surely changed me enought to become cruel and rude. I was always nice to EVERYONE and never selfish but now SHEHROZ has changed. It will not be good for my social life but atleast my heart will be satisfied that I will never be betrayed. If I am bad enough then the friends I will make will not love me because of my position and status but because they would know me deep enough to see why I have become so rude and slefish.

And as for these hypocritical so-called friends, I will show them who I am and make them realize that they have lost my valuable friendship. I would have taken all of them in my boat but now there is only one boat and only one seat for me. I RIDE ALONE NOW!


  1. Does it ring a bell why people called me Hitler?

    All nice, sugar and spice doesn't work with everyone. You gotta be rude sometimes! :)