Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pakistan Zindabad?

When Muhammad Ali Jinnah carved out Pakistan, he did not realize that the slogans of PAKISTAN ZINDABAD will one day fade out...It has already begun!

Pakistan created itself out of the dust of an insignificant imagination. It pierced through the impossible and became the possible. And now it is being pushed into the abyss of destruction, the hell of disaster and the fire of doom. Who is to blame? The government or the people? I would blame Muhammad Ali Jinnah for creating a land for these undeserving, useless people who are the fuel for all this trouble and chaos. People blame it on the religious laws or the government policies but seldom would they accept that the fault lies in them. Why not get up and shout against anything that one may feel is worng? Why just sit in front of a television and complain? WHINE WHINE WHINE, that is all we are capable of. Our civilization is old and unique, why have we failed to compete in the world? Are the ideas of Social Darwinism true that one race could be superior to another? If it is, then we have proved inferior to the world and our time is short. Why not rise together and show the world who we are? That will probably not work because you are all busy with your selfish lives in front of your televisions and radios.

I dream of Pakistan as a nation not following some other nation like a pet but a nation of power, might and authority. I feel so small, insignificant and useless to do anything about Pakisatn. I have to wait for now. But I am scared that Pakistan will not survive till I am capable enough to actually do somethng about it. It has reached its critical level when other countries' eyes pop out to take over! America has shown concern over our nuclear power and in near future may attack it with this excuse. Why cannot other countries have nuclear technology and America can? Probably because America wants to stay as the world power but why cannot everyone be equal?

Pakistan is sinking and with it my heart! All Pakistan needs is a Messiah!


  1. True. We are the ones to be blamed for everything including corruption, theft and so on but if someone courageous enough raises voice, seldom are the chances of him being successful. He/she is either murdered, kidnapped or killed before taking a significant step!

  2. but if all rise together than how many will they murder? how many will they kidnap?