Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bombs and Blasts and Blood!

That one blast took it all away
People die mothers cry every moment every day.

It was a city of joy and a city of fun
Now it's a city where most carry a gun.

It was a city of life and a city of lights
Now it's a city of dead and no more delights.

Same is the story of one survival
It cannot be put into words But I won't forget the fable.

Ask me not what this fable was
For he struggled and fought and lost for a mighty good cause.

All he wanted was to bring a change.
None supported him, calling him a fool and his ideology strange.

He still fought and fought bravely.
But the enemy opposed him with violence gravely.

A suicide bomber tried to bring him down. Many died
Miracles happen. He survived.

A second attempt to blow up his car was not foreseen.
His body bloody and only few helpers on the hostile scene.

He survived yet again. God is on the right side.
United we stand but why always we divide?


Dad I love you and will always remain by your side. I am ready to face the gruesome consequences. I am ready to die. For a death on battlefield will be far more sweeter than a death on bed. A death in action will be far more glorious than a silent death. A death for a cause will be far more honorable than a death in vain!


  1. Remarkable expression! I wish there was a way to settle down things. I wish we let people like your dad take over. I wish our people had some sense of differentiating between the good and bad!

    Ergh. Thinking about what's happening to my city infuriates. It makes me want to pullout my hair because I can't do anything to stop the violence. I feel so helpless. :(

    May Allah bless your Dad and you.

    You're amazing, Ozzy. Amazing.


  2. Thanks Komal, i dont deserve the praise haha :-)

    Yeah karachi is bad nowadays and makes me go crazy!

  3. Dude, I just looked at your blog. I noticed that on your description, it says that you are "An insignificant grain of sand." Just don't forget thatyou are the most significant grain of sand because it only takes one grain of sand to tip the scales. I know that your dad is proud of you.

    Dude, you don't have to die to fight the people who perverse your religion and make life unpeaceful for you, your family, and your people. You are the smartest person I know and you will make a difference. Soon, Inshallah.