Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Inside

To Live With Strangers!
To Become A Part of Them!

Now I Want To
Live With My
Own Flesh And Blood,
With My Own Kith And Kin!
Live With Them!

And To
Become A Part


  1. Every religion devotes the beginning of the human race to God. And whether you believe it was Isaac or Ishmael, they were both the sons of Abraham. So then, is it not safe to say that we are one race, the human race? That our differences are merely caused by human imperfection in our vain attempts to understand what this god has laid for us on this earth? If so, then there are no strangers, only brothers who we have not met. It is not about becoming something you already are, it's about being what you already are and letting them see their brother as a brother. Ignore the bad writing and just accept that I'm playing the devil's advocate. haha I just like to make you think about the other side of your writing... then if you anyone else feels like challenging it, you're ready with your response. :D

  2. i am thinking. You always make sense of my nonsense are quite right...
    i wrote it because i think i have been spending less time with my family and soon i will become a stranger...i dont want that...

  3. I am becoming a part of my family, again. I sure hope I am.

  4. That is very good Arslan. Family should come first!

    Thanks Bea once again for dropping by!