Friday, April 30, 2010

The Million Dollar Question?

“L.O.V.E is just another word [OZZY] never learnt to pronounce. (Starstrukk by 3OH!3)”

Few days ago, some friends of mine posed the ultimate question: Can Ozzy ever fall in love?

Everyone laughed and replied in the negative. Wow, that is not new. This is not the first time people judge people. And this is definitely not the first time OZfuckin’ZY and “love” and “relationships” have been discussed.

In last few months, something happened. Something unexpected. Something so UNOZZY-ISH. Ozzy fell in love?? Maybe. WHAT? SINCE WHEN? Ozzy himself does not know! It just happened. Happened just like that unheralded.

Yes, “I think” I am in love. In love with someone I have been spending time since October. It happened SLOWLY. But I am still not sure what is the difference between infatuation and love. That is why I am waiting before I take a step further. Plus, I don’t want to risk our friendship so maybe I will never make a move. OZZY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE IS NOT GOING TO MAKE A MOVE? No. Because she is just too innocent, just too simple, just too beautiful to deserve something like “Ozzy.”

I think I should know how to make love to something innocent without leaving my fingerprints out. (Starstrukk by 3OH!3)

Ozzy is changing too. No more flirting. No more playing. Which means that a time will come when Ozzy will CEASE TO EXIST. I have to make a decision after exams immediately. To sacrifice love or to sacrifice Ozzy. The ULTIMATE DECISION!

She is just too precious to lose. And that is why I will wait till the right time comes. For now, EXAMS ARE IMPORTANT for her as well as for me. But YES I am in love and it is the most painfully beautiful experience!


  1. :) Go ahead if it's worth more than Ozzy.


  2. take that step, and find that amazing feeling of always wanting to be around her where all you think about is her and hurt when you are not near...YOU are worth it!


  3. There's always a chance for a fresh new beginning! and life is all about taking chances so take it! do not ever miss out on an oppurunityyy!

  4. Komal, its not that simple...but thank you for the encouragement...

    thanks alot :-)

    Myla, i wish it was that simple! thanks :-)

  5. Dude, it's not about losing ozzy or becoming somebody else, not at all. Because Ozzy, Shehroz, Filho da puta, whatever name you may go by doesn't change who you are. You are by far one of the best people there are. Bar none. If this girl has your heart, she is lucky because there is no better person to have in your corner that you, dude. Love isn't about who you are or who she is, it's about who you are together. It's not about who knows or who cares, it's about knowing that she's the one and caring for nobody but her (don't forget about me though :P). If you can write something like this, that girl is obviously special. The decision isn't whether Ozzy will find love. the question is whether she will take that love and help you write the story. Leave the questioning to scholars, you are human and we are creatures of pure love, blind faith, hope and tragedy. It is only through the lense of love that the world can be brighter on the sunniest of days, my friend. And as always, check out this quote: "It is better to lose your pride with someone you love rather than to lose that someone you love with your useless pride.”

  6. I love the quote! Dude, you always come up with the best advises!
    you have cleared my thoughts! lets just see what happens!
    thanks....(but that doesnt mean im not pissed at you) ahaha

  7. wat happened after exams .. ?

  8. afroze!! stop poking your nose in!
    he is tryng to forget her but u wont let him do that..

  9. Who are you afroze??
    and who are you mr/mrs anonymous here??

    as for the question of what happened after exams? read my newer posts...

  10. which post ??Excruciating Pain ?

  11. shehroz .. comon be a man .. atleast u should tell her about ur feeling :X

  12. anonymous some courage and come with ur original pro :P

    and afroze i please dont dig deeper...

  14. u tried .. then wat happened nxt ?

  15. If your truly in love then the other person will accept you for whoever you are, they'll overlook your every fault, love is not conceited or hateful. It's beautiful

  16. Thanks for dropping by "anonymous"
    I would prefer if you all used your real names :-)
    thanks :-)