Friday, June 4, 2010

Olden Golden Days of Sunshine in the Rainy State

(I wrote this while I was waiting for electrical power to come back. Images of USA life flashed before my eyes. In memory of all the beautiful people I met there.)

Alone. All alone.
In the darkroom.
Thinking over time,
Long passed and gone.

Those days of laughter.
Glittering diamond days.
Eyes full of tears,
During final departure.

I look back with longing.
Those beautiful people,
To be with them,
One final time, once again.

Life moves on fast
Like a horse with wings.
Now I know for sure,
Good times never last.


  1. Dude, I miss you a ton! You have no idea... it's weird because every time I drive to Northeast, I still feel like I should just drive over to your house. Those days won't ever be over though, man. That's why you can still think about them. things will change and everything, but You've still got a friend right here, you know that. Another weird thing, I never want to call you because it makes me miss you more and miss the old times more but I still do... is that some form of self abuse? hahaha And just so you know, I wrote something... like a story. IDK if I'm gonna let you read it though because it's not all that good. hahaha

    Send it
    send it
    send it

    cmon! if you dont send it then ill stop writing on this blog forever! thats a threat from a pakistani!

  3. No you will not stop writing on this blog! If you do there will be consequences. And that's a threat from an American whose country's military is right across the border from you, Mr. Pakistan. hahahaha Also, you can't stop writing on your blog. That'd be a disservice to everyone, as in humanity. If I don't send you the story nobody loses because you don't waste your time reading my crappy writing. hahaha

  4. WHY did you have to remind me of all that?
    I want do it all over again...there was excitement and hope every morning. But, now it's always frustration and nostalgia.

  5. Luke Homo, im free all this summer so sent it to me...i wanna read it...

    and Komal, i know :-(