Monday, November 29, 2010

Life is just not fair…

I am a Canary Bird, against the furious gale, flying…
I am a Canary Bird crying, struck down hard…
Did not see it coming, was busy singing…
But knew that the fall will hurt, in the heart!

Life is never fair at a time when you really need it to be. You put in so much effort into something and then you just see all your efforts wash away right when you start believing that Life is favoring you; right when you believe that Luck is on your side. “Luck” is an interesting concept. It has a will and soul of its own. Untamed. Wild. Arrogant. Apathetic. In short: Luck is a bitch. She will leave you for someone else right when you need it. She will make you feel like you are THE ONE and then she will let you fall down and will not even give a shit.

Till few days ago, I felt invincible. I felt undefeatable. I felt powerful. I had too many moments of success one after the other. I came out victorious in every venture I undertook. I wanted this to go on for just a little longer. I was at the most crucial point in my life. And then it dawned on me that good things never last forever. I started realizing that I must learn to “fall” otherwise my first fall would be devastating for me. I never knew my first fall would come so soon. I was not prepared. I was taken by surprise. Alas, the fall destroyed me. It destroyed me from inside. Killed me. And then the second fall pushed me further down.

Yes, Luck abandoned me. I fell. My first fall. And then the second. I can’t get up no matter how hard I try. Unfair Life just ate me from inside like a termite of misery. It hurts. I am hollow. I am weak. No more invincible. Vulnerable. Defeated.


  1. Wow..pretty unbelievable that something so superficial could hurt you so much.
    Feel better, get up, and I believe,you'll shine like always. :) Obstacles are a part of life. Without them life would be a cake...and you don't want it too sweet, do you? :)

  2. I understand. Believe you me, I do.
    And yet, we need all these lessons to make us grow. :) You're not a good driver if all you've driven on in the Motorway.

  3. That's exactly how I feel. Only you put it into substantial words.

  4. I guess if this is the "first" time you have fallen, than it must be really tough. But only when you begin to rationalize, can you understand that defeat, failure, misery and yes even humiliation is what molds us (humans) to better beings.
    I think its all part of growing up...and trust me dude, this feeling of hurt, fades away quicker than you would expect.
    Just remember we all sooner-or-later forget some of our accomplishments, but its the failures that we never forget. And thats what helps us get better at what we do.
    So i guess what I'm trying to say is, this defeat could turn out to be the best thing that happened to you.

  5. Thanks alot Komal, Dure, Arslan and Aown. You guys made me feel better.

    Aown you are smart. thanks. "we all sooner-or-later forget some of our accomplishments, but its the failures that we never forget. And thats what helps us get better at what we do."
    love it...