Monday, November 1, 2010


(This again one of my old poems from the Pre-USA era. This time it’s one of the completed ones.Although it was written years ago, this poem clearly reflects one of the incidents that happened recently in the last 4 months. Don’t ask me.)

What do you think?
You will get away with it?
Never, ever! I shall make sure
That you are punished and that you sink!

You came to me for forgiveness
And I forgave you.
Not knowing that you are a devil,
I struggled to protect and save you.

I gave you shelter and room.
I cared for you like a father.
But you betrayed me like a deceiver.
Now I shall push you to your doom!

The moon scorned me.
The sky turned away from me.
The stars spat on me.
And the Earth warned me.

But I never gave up on you.
I stood behind you.
And I kept pushing you.
And you pushed me too!

You pushed me from a cliff--
A cliff of my hopes and my hard work--
To the abyss of your mischief.
Now I shall pull you with me!

Where will you run now?
Where will you hide now?


  1. Nice! What happened in the last four months? I'm asking you...

  2. In my Dreams ,You know ,Who You Are
    I Whisper Prayers ,To be Heard ,the Truth ,

    That what I am suppose to do ,as answer to Prayers .

    Setting ,You Free ,of every hearing My heart beat ,I shall ,give my all

    oh how life ,could open up to give fresh start ,to love ,share our lives as we both know and believed it should been ,I been trying get back to you ,

    the days turned to months
    now my heart weeps ,as I can't feel you ,near as always held .

    I am scared ,
    I sound silly
    I believe speaking What is Truth in your Heart
    Never can be Silly
    As it has taken me all this time ,to reach deep within me ,set my own ,free ,see a truth that was screaming to be Heard ,before it was lost .
    I prayed for Time
    Prayed ,you be watched over ,
    Prayed for understanding
    for to love ,
    I never wanted ,you out my life ,Listen to many things ,you speak of me .

    maybe I've loss

    A Truth that beats with my own Heart ,will be

    Two Fools that kept pushing each other away
    Two fools ,that wouldn't pick up a phone ,or talk

    two fools ,with a smile
    Let go

    rest our lives
    those two fools
    will always feel those beats of
    "our hearts "

    wiping away my Tears ,Screaming with my complete Soul to be Heard
    I Love You

    My Dreams ,you will always be ,maybe in life ,couldn't be together ,as I would gave

    was no one that was there to Listen

    Was always there ,to fix me

    Was none that accepted ,after hearing truth

    there was many that was there to Judge

    As ,it must of seemed ,my heart ,felt nothing

    as must seemed things I done ,was heartless

    dreams ,you shall be ,with me that ,holds no judging ,only accepting ,with love ,we always knew

  3. @SHADOW,
    I cant see your profile...

    THIS poem is...speaking of something...

    ok, i am confused.
    who are you??

    AND LUKE, DONT ASK hahahah...