Monday, November 1, 2010

MY Life

(I wrote this poem when I was in 8th Grade. Like all my old poems, this too is incomplete and I plan to keep it that way. I found this in an old dusty notebook I used to keep which had disappeared in the rubble of my busy life.)

My Life is a Story,
Full of Disappointments & Glory;
Full of Ups and Downs;
Full of Smiles and Frowns.
I experienced being a Fallen Warrior,
And sometimes a boring Story-teller.
Now I tell the story of My Life;
How I faced the world’s sword and knife,
Which defeated every man
But not me, as nothing can!

Starting as a Boy so Ordinary,
I began the first page of My Story.
I wrote and then I ripped it off.
It was about how I climbed the ladder of success,
And then how easily I fell off.
People know only about my success,
But don’t know the time I spent in distress…



  1. Simply Awesome ..
    Why dont you complete it ?

  2. Shaan, its a glimpse into my was a time when I was pretty good writer and deep thinker for my yeah I cant complete it now! It is a reminder of my past! :-)

    Thanks alot :-)