Friday, September 23, 2011

An Advice to All...

A word of advise to my friends (Yes, You all are my friends). 

Do not make long term goals without any achievable milestones in between. Either make short term goals or make one long term goal with several milestones in between. These milestone should divide hour journey into very small pieces and become like your short term goals. 

I am saying this out of experience. I have noticed that to succeed we must be able to see our goal in front of us. The sight of the goal will keep us motivated and charged up even if we fall. On the other hand, if our long term goal is so far away that we cannot see it, then it won't take long before we lose touch with it. We will eventually lose contact, lose hope and give up. Furthermore, if we fall, it would become extremely hard and painful to get back up. Another useful thing about having milestones or short term goals is that if in case we cannot achieve that goal due to any number of unfortunate reasons, we will have enough room for change. We will only need to reroute, recalculate and make small changes to get back on track towards success. 

Cheers. Wish you a successful life.  


  1. u r so right here OZ. i 've touched upon ur other blog. u shud hav done it as a page right on THIS blog.
    plus i read ur post below but cudnt read it full as i can't see the pics up close.plz dun put up such disturbing images, though it's true my heart goes out to u. i hope ur eye feels better soon //
    n the incident u related abt trying to extract answers from the persian guy..umm..i dun get it.. r u in army?

  2. This is very true. I used to have very high goals and over time, I became depressed because I was always afraid that I would never be able to reach them. Then I started setting smaller goals and after achieving them, it became a lot easier not to lose sight of your ultimate goal.

  3. CatGirl, i wanted to keep it separate so thats why i made a separate blog for it. as for the pics, my friends forced me to put them up. Sorry for that :-)

    Areesha, yes you are right and its good that you learned about it earlier in life :-)