Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Eye Hurts :-/

Got beaten up pretty bad. Bruised my left eye as well got a blood clot inside the same eye. The typical cartoon-type bruise on the eye (purple eye) when someone gets punched. It feels as if someone drove a nail inside my head and keeps moving it back and forth. I have a few other bruises on my head and body but none as bad as the eye.

This happened around 3:20 pm yesterday near Roots when I was helping some friends move from one hostel to another. End story is that I punished those who hurt me in my own ingenious way. They will never forget the punishment they received for hurting me. I won't give out the details because I'm tired of repeating the same story again and again. It is the afterthoughts that I want to share.

I saw how people can be so heartless in their worldly affairs. I saw the extent to which they could be selfish. I also saw the lack of intelligence in many people. I further saw the extreme case of paranoia some people go through. This world is full of pathetic, imhumane idiots who deserve to be called nothing above Animals. The reason why Pakistan or even this world suffers is because of the type of humans I mentioned above. This world needs a global reform. More crucial than that; Pakistan needs a complete revolution as well as an evolution.

This post may not make sense to you but I'm in too much pain to think straight.

Oh, and by the way, I look really cool with this injury. Kinda Sexy. Sometimes I look like a flesh-hungry Zombie and sometimes I look like one of those Hollywood Werewolves about to transform into a blood-thirsty monster. HAWT ;-) :-p

Bye fellas. One last thing: Should get I an Eye-Patch and look Cooler?


  1. Roots phadda? =O When was this? Wait, DHA branch? Damn =/ I say get the eye patch =P It would look awesome =D

  2. Not exactly a Roots phadda. More like an Army retired officer phadda.
    Hahaha I'll try getting an eye patch ;-)

  3. your eye looks so coool.really!
    wow!this seems like some adventure story.
    what happened to the guys who beat you??

  4. Oh my.. that's sooooo red! :p Get an eye patch.. :)

  5. oh my god that's awful. :(
    i vote for an eye patch!

  6. get an eye patch!

    This is sexy.

    Esc these lessthaninsan's

  7. @Areesha.. No padha..He came out of Nowhere.

    @Ozzy. Took one for the

  8. Thanks guys. I wanted to get an eye-patch but I was threatened by my parents that I will not be allowed to enter the house with anything other my glasses for my eyes. Ugh. Kinda sucked.

    And yeah irfan, took a big one for the team haha.

  9. Dang! I hope it's better now.
    Take care.

  10. OMG. This looks terrible !! Must have been so exciting though ! And so much wanted/un-wanted attention lol. Really hope it is better now ! Take care dude.