Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Changing Beliefs...

I have always been more of a you-make-your-own-destiny kinda guy. I did believe in Fate to an extent but I believed we had more control over our lives. I always thought that we make our own future. I always thought we were not governed by a pre-decreed law but reaped what we sowed. The stronger my belief in all this was the more I was contradicted by the story of my own life. 

Now, I am having some major changes in my belief system.


  1. i wish u best of luck OZ!! plus u r sooo right. i alwayyyys used to fight my fate or u can say 'fight to get it right' but this year i've started accepting it n being pleased wid it...hopefully so r u !
    P.S. can u plz remove the word verification?? it take hrs to comment then :-(((

  2. Yes, we must accept it and be pleased with it. :-)

    I removed the word verification :-)