Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fall of 2011...

Where was I exactly a year ago?
High above in the sky...
Where am I right now?
Deep below in the pit of despair...

The year 2011 proved to be the worst year of my life. This year gave me a lot but also took away all that it gave me. This year I fell in love. This year I was given fame and influence. This year gave me happiness. But this same year snatched it all away and I spent my new year alone with no one to call or text. I love my family who is my only support now. Yes, this new year only a handful of people wished me unlike last year when every single person in my contact list called or texted me or invited me to parties. Dear 2011, why were you so mean to me? Oh dear 2011, why did you give me everything just to take it all away? My dear 2011, WHY ME? 

I was all set to start my adventure into the unknown world of practical life in an alien land; I never knew I would never make it. I was all set to turn my love into a long lasting affair; I never knew I would be thrown away in the trash. I was all set to embark on my own pilgrimage to explore the world; I never knew my legs would be cut off right before my journey. 2011, I will never forgive you for all that. Why did you raise me up to the sky and then thrown me back? Did you take me all the way up just to make the fall more painful? 

But something whispered in my ear. The year 2011 bowed down on it's feet and explained WHY it had done all that. Dear Shehroz, it said, I did all that to teach you. Only to teach you. Dear Shehroz, it won't be long before I am gone but the time ahead will never be easy. The time ahead will treat you harshly and throw you around but what you learnt in 2011 will save you. It will save you from the pain and frustration up ahead. I saved you from your own destruction by destroying you and re-making you. I am sorry Shehroz but somethings are better taught the hard way. Forgive me but DO NOT FORGET ME.

Now, I turn to 2012 with optimism and hope. I pray it lifts me back up in the sky and restores me to my former glory. The fall in 2011 will be a life-lesson for my whole future. What I learnt in that year shaped a stronger and better Shehroz. I am no more vulnerable and I am no more weak. Thank you 2011 but I am glad you are gone. Dear 2012, HERE I COME...


  1. Inshallah, it will =) 2011 has been hard on all of us, not just you.

  2. Heroes aren't born heroes, Ozzy. Sometimes failing and falling is really the best thing that happens to us. I talk from experience.