Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thoughts of a Sun

The mighty God, with a thought, made me proud and bright;
I was, in the whole universe, a vibrant, a magnificent sight.
Every thing in the skies, with eyes weak, lowered their gaze;
My radiance was bold and wild, with beauty I was all ablaze.

With clay, then my Lord, fashioned mankind so small and weak;
The Angels cried, this  man flawed, on Earth will havoc wreak.
The whole creation had to bow down to this being so imperfect;
My God said, "don't be a Satan and your warmth do not reject!"

For the love of my Creator, I  bowed down to a being unworthy;
For this mankind so imperfect, even I had to dim my envied glory,
For it was God's command to help this ungrateful bag of flesh
Without prejudice and  pride I must provide daylight and food fresh.

Oh mankind mortal, what is wrong and why don't you understand,
You were just born and today you wrought destruction so grand.
You kill and let kill; you sleep and let die; you laugh and let cry.
I ask you oh flesh, are you so flawed and insensate? I ask, "Why?"

I am the mighty Sun, without which you are nothing and no one;
Even after your atrocities, I am to provide; God's will be done.
If I had free will and power, I would have turned you all to dust.
Because you are a shame and you let the given Principles rust.

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