Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Letter to "Pakistanis"

Dear Pakistanis,

How are you? I hope you are doing great in your homes in front of your television sets. I have often heard you all criticizing the status quo of Pakistan and it's "citizens." Yes, the word "citizen" is put in quotation marks because I am being sarcastic-very sarcastic. Are you really a Pakistani citizen? For me you are nothing but citizens of your own homes and comfortable lives. As for your criticism, to me its nothing more than an immobile child crying for milk; all the baby can do is just scream and cry. Have you ever thought about getting out of your own cocoon? 

How are your schools, colleges and offices going? I am sure you must be enjoying high quality education. Or lunch breaks. And parties. And good food. Not to mention the comfortable rides you get to your destination in your own warm cars and jeeps. Or even taxis.

I am doing okay here. I ride the bus every morning with my hands numb and my feet stiff. Its very cold you know. But I do not know where am I going. Sometimes I go to the roof-less school and sometimes I just go to the market for work. It just depends how much food we need at my home. Oh don't worry about me, I am surviving. Or maybe you never worried about me since you are already busy in your own close-to-perfect lives. You don't care if I survive or not. You just care that you are popular in your city or your neighborhood.

Dear countrymen, the problem with you all is that you enjoy your lives and get good education. You squeeze from Pakistan but you never give back. A few remarks about politicians here and a small donation there is utterly useless. A few small school community service projects and visits to orphanages is nothing but a mockery towards Pakistan and those orphans. We don't need a one-day sympathy visit or week long lessons on English. All we need is that you be a citizen of Pakistan and fulfill your own responsibilities. Have you ever thought how much tax your father gives? Have you ever considered what impact an extra light bulb in your room would have on the poor neighborhood outside your city? Have you ever thought how much money you spend in a single visit to Hardees or a Halloween party? I run my whole house with that amount of money. Sometimes with even half of it.

I have been hearing the word "revolution" and "change" a lot these days. Some new politician gives you hope and you go crazy after him. I don't care. For me they are all the same. For me YOU are all the same. Useless. Selfish. Ignorant. Idiots. Just talking about revolution and visiting a single 'jalsa' is not going to bring any sort of change. YOU have to change YOUR OWN SELF before a change in Pakistan. Otherwise, this so-called change will be short-lived just like it was temporary in the history of Pakistan. You have to realize that to truly help Pakistan you must gaze inside your own flesh and see the mountain of flaws that lie in there. Putting pictures of a politician on your Facebook or talking about politics on your Status is nothing but an example of your personal laziness and incompetency. 

I wish I could love you all but I hate you all for being so apathetic. I love Pakistan but I despise the people in it. Hear me and save your self. Pakistan right now is no different than the Age of Ignorance of pre-Islamic Arab. You are going down the path of destruction but I know you have enough money and resources to simply move to another country whereas I will die on these streets for YOUR mistakes, arrogance and ignorance. But remember, one day may come when your blood will be shed in other countries. You are a Pakistani and Pakistan should be your final burial ground. Don't run away. A Pakistani can never be a coward.

With love,
A poor citizen of Pakistan,
Waiting for you,
To do what you have to do.


  1. This is actually really true. And I honestly don't know what else to day. Great job, Ozzy =)