Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Random Realization no. 3: Life experiences

I have found that life experiences are the best of teachers and build a person gene by gene. Every person is as unique as his/her life. It's their life stories that shape their character and personality. The more hardships one has faced in life, the stronger he will turn out to be. Your environment, incidences and accidents around you, friends, family, colleagues and everything else determine who you will become.

The secret to success is to have a life full of failures and obstacles and difficulties and pain and suffering. Once you have gone through such a life, you will only emerge as a stronger person with the skills, qualities and personality to succeed in any field in life. Every trouble is a teacher. You will be far better than the person who succeeded purely based on his luck or family background. So go out, and build a life-story, then that life-story will build YOU.

Just recently I have met some of the most amazing people in my life. They may have seemed weird at first but their life-stories gave me goosebumps. I learned so much from them and I have come to admire them. Life stories inspire me now. Besides building your own life story, go out and hear other people's stories. Those stories will have a thousand hidden lessons and tips and will be a source of inspiration for you. Moreover, their stories will tell you the magnificence of human strength and teach you that everyone is unique. Every life story is awesome. Every life is beautiful. Every human is marvelous.


  1. Exactly what I have been trying to tell everyone, and myself since more than a year now. Every life is indeed beautiful, so beautiful.

  2. lets see whats here :p. in my opinion. there are no humans these days rather rascals living among us. firstly they wont listen, secondly, if they know the consequences of falling into a ditch via ur experience. they will still choose to EXPERIENCE how falling in a ditch actually feels like. plus, Allah repeatedly tell us in the Quran, don't do stuff the Kuffar did and he repeatedly says their end was worse, and so is there hereafter. so now u tell me? do we learn even a tiny scrap from the word of God?? Allah??? forget about human beings!
    ps : talk about this point too someday, oneday :)