Friday, June 11, 2010

Excruciating Pain

(This poem was my way of getting over some recent events. It didn’t help as expected. But it did lighten the burden. Thanks Osama for the suggestion. Here goes another depressing piece of writing.)

This excruciatingly unbearable Pain.
Makes any sane man go Insane.
Please Be Gone. Be Gone. Be Gone.
Leave me on my own, all Alone.

I try to Hang-On with Patience.
But my body Burns with Abhorrence.
My heart Bleeding. Bleeding. Bleeding.
My Soul Sinking. Sinking. Sinking.

No more Candles of Hope are Lit.
The Agony corrodes me bit by bit.
This Depression Termite eating.
Slowly Consuming. Contusing. Killing…

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